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Nose-to-Nose - Announcing our contest, and other stuff


Kay: Guess what!

Gwen: What?

Kay: One of readers told me that Andrew's in Toronto is no longer carrying the original Jovoy line and they’re selling out the last few bottles they still have. 

Gwen: What a drag! I love that line - their Fougère, Boisé ...

Kay: Not to mention Chypre and Oriental. But here is some good news.

Gwen: What's that?

Kay: On March 26 they are expecting the new Jovoy fragrances and also a few scents by Rancé.

Gwen: Ohhhh. That is good news!

Kay: What are you doing?

Gwen: Making a note in my iphone.

Kay: Well, keep typing, because there's more, some of it not so good. At the Nosey Bunch meeting this past Sunday at the new Guerlain store, Valerie, the manager, told me that Guerlain is discontinuing Iris Ganache.

Gwen: Oh, not good – that’s a beauty. BTW – that new Guerlain store is totally stunning, and the perfumes are just as magical as ever. Did you hear that Dries van Noten is now in stock at Frédéric Malle in Holt’s?

Kay: Finally - great news. Here’s something else- We’re on The Current this morning.

Gwen: You mean the CBC radio show that's on in the mornings with Anna-Maria Tremonti? We were interviewed for that special segment on niche perfume and EU restrictions quite a while ago….

Kay: We can listen to it, and our readers can too, if they click this link! But guess what?

Gwen: What?

Kay: The main part of the interview is with Denyse Beaulieu! 

Gwen: Nooo! Let's drink to Denyse.

Kay: Let's do better than that!

Gwen: OK, Let's have 2 drinks to Denyse...

Kay: No better than that...

Gwen: You mean like …revealing our plans to highlight Denyse’s upcoming Toronto visit? The plans we hinted at in our Nose-to Nose post on February 27?

Kay: Yep. Those very plans...!

(FANFARE).....The CONTEST - win a 100 ml bottle of  Séville à l'aube!!!!

Gwen: Here how it works. Denyse's book, The Perfume Lover, is being released in North America on March 19th.

Kay: And if you've read Denyse’s blog recently, you know that she'll be in NYC on March 22 signing her book at Aedes de Venustus, which, of course, also sells Séville à l’Aube.

Gwen: But after NYC, she'll be in Toronto for the Canadian book launch and here’s the deal:

Buy the book. Read the book. Answer three questions in an e-mail to and your name will be entered in a draw for a 100 ml. bottle of Séville à l'Aube. has generously supplied the prize of a 100 ml. bottle of Séville à l'Aube which will be shipped to the winner by mid-May, or possibly earlier, after we have the draw.

Kay: knows a great scent when they find one - every niche perfume-lover loves Parfum1!

Okay, enough blabbing – here are the 3 questions:


1.    What is the name of the perfume which Denyse wore almost exclusively for many years?

2.    What special celebration was happening while Denyse was visiting Séville, when she had the sensual experience which inspired her perfume?

3.    What was the “working title” of Denyse’s perfume while she worked on it with the perfumeur, Bertrand Duchaufour, before she named it Séville à l’Aube?


We recommend that everyone interested in perfume read The Perfume Lover – it has fascinating information, not just about the making of Denyse's scent, but about the history of modern perfumes, as well as an inside peak about how the industry works. Denyse is a very talented writer so it’s well-written, well-researched, and such great fun to read!

And everyone should try a decant of Séville à l'Aube. It's a luscious, sensuous perfume.

E-mail with your answers to our 3 questions by April 17, 2013. We’ll announce the winner on April 24, 2013.  You just might win “one of the sexiest scents L’Artisan Parfumeur has ever put out…” p.297, The Perfume Lover 

NOTE: Prize winner will be responsilbe shipping costs as well as all applicable local duties and taxes resulting from shipping.

Contest open to all our readers!