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Nose-to-Nose - Another year in the Niche.


Photo- Wikipedia - Birthday Candles

Kay and Gwen: Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday dear Perfumeniche, Happy birthday to us.

Gwen: Well, that feels better!

Kay: Sure does. How the heck did we both forget our Niche’s birthday?

Gwen: Time just disappears when you're working at warp speed. I've been so busy these last few weeks, I don't know if my name is Angus or Agnes.

Kay:  My works been crazy-busy, too - busiest time of the year. But now it's time to slow down and smell the roses in the perfume bottles, BFF.

Gwen: What a divine idea, since rose is one of our most fave floral notes. Three years in the Niche, Kay. Three years! And they said we'd never last!

Kay: Well, what do they know - whoever THEY  are.

Gwen:  The metaphorical THEY, the omnipotent THEY, the ....oh, forget it. How shall we celebrate?

Kay: Voila! I have two frosty glasses, and a cold bottle of prosecco....let's toast!

Gwen: OK - who we going to toast?

Kay: Let's start with our readers and our customers - without them, it would be hard to get up in the morning, and we wouldn't have nearly as much fun. They're the reason we write our perfume stories every week. Here's to all those wonderful people who share our sniffing passion!

Gwen: To our readers! To our customers! We love you! And let's raise a glass to Esther, who does such an amazing job of “Sniffing out News” about new niche, vintage, limited editions, deals, and interesting weird stuff. Thank you, Esther - here's to you!

Kay: Here's to Esther!  And I want to toast you, Gwen. You are the best perfume partner I could ever ask for. Without you, the niche would be a lonely, quiet place. Here's to you, and many more excellent perfume adventures together.

Gwen: Ahh, thanks, Kay. I'll drink to that....and I second that emotion. Here's to many more years together at How about topping up the bubbly? Mine has just disappeared! I think we should toast our gorgeous perfumes – all the ones we own, all the ones we dream about, as well as all the ones that haven’t even been made yet, that are still a whiff in some perfumer’s nose.

Kay: Great idea! Look at our sparkling perfume bottles all lined up in the Niche – they’re so beautiful, and just waiting to be acknowledged. But I'm warning you, BFF...we have so many fabulous ‘fumes to toast, we may need another bottle of bubbly…

Gwen: Well, it IS our birthday...


And another year of perfume love stories begins…stay tuned to and share our thoughts and our fragrances. There are many more to come.