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Nose-to Nose - April 2012 Faves Pack - Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Photo - Wikipedia-Tulip 2005 Floriade Canberra-John O'Neill

Kay: Have you seen all the new frags that are launching now? They all sound so fabulous!

Gwen: Incredible, isn’t it! It’s hard to choose where to start - I’m all over the handmap when it comes to new frags.

Kay:  I know what you mean. New frags always sound so enticing and what perfumista doesn’t love the idea of being one of the first to try a new scent.

Gwen: I know I do! Still, there are some old faves I have been wearing lately.

Kay: Like what?

Gwen: Well, Stephen Jones for one. I just can’t get enough of it right now.

Kay: Oh, I go on benders like that too! Right now, I’m all about the scents that are earthy and rooty and green.

Gwen: Like what?

Kay: Violet Empire by Christopher Brosius

Gwen: Oh, that IS a beauty! I’ve also been wearing Folivaril – just perfect for right now when the flowers are starting to pop up.
Kay: Those are three great frags everyone should try.

Gwen: So, why don’t we let our readers try ‘em?

Kay: Why don’t we let them try those three -  and more?

Gwen: You mean put together a pack that contains all the frags we are wearing now?

Kay: Absolutely! Let’s say three each.

Gwen: THREE? That’s not enough! I wear three in one day!

Kay: OK – I’ll raise ya two – how about five each?

Gwen: That’s better, but…

Kay: Gwen! 2 X 5=10. That’s 10 decants in this pack.

Gwen: Oh, well, since you put it that way.......sounds like a good deal! Some familiar faves, some new ones….and a great price! I mean, if you bought them individually you'd pay $44.00!

Kay: 10 decants! So -  here it is - the April 2012 Faves Pack..................

April 2012 Faves Pack – 10 decants of Spring frags for $35.00 + shipping:

Stephen Jones  - purple and floral and smouldering 

Folivaril – green and fruity and exotic

After My Own Heart – green and lilacy and evocative

La Violette – green and rosy and beguiling

In Black – earthy and peachy and potent

Violet Empire – rooty and earthy and divine

Absolument Absinthe – green and aromatic and addictive

Ma Griffe – green and mossy and chic

Sira des Indes – fruity and spicy and rich

Voleur de Roses – green and rosy and sexy

Put a spring in your step, and some scents in your nose - order the April 2012 Faves Pack, and revel in the amazing scents of Spring this year! 10 fabulous decants for $35.00 + shipping!