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Nose-to-Nose - Claim your prize! (Wednesday, May 11, 2011)

Photo-Wikipedia   Korean 1st Birthday Celebration - by Jamsong

Gwen:    Is it Wednesday already? Wow, that week went by fast!  Kay, it’s time to pick the winner for the Happy Birthday prize!

Kay:    OK – let’s make someone happy – in fact, let’s make two people happy – let’s give away TWO prizes instead of just one.

Gwen:     Why? It’s only our FIRST birthday...

Kay:    Yeah, but I feel like celebrating! Remember in my April 29th post about the Royal Wedding I wondered if Kate and William had worn fragrance, and if they did, I thought it would be something British, like Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin? Well, guess what – I read on-line that both the guest and royal bathrooms in Westminster Abbey had Jo Malone scented candles – in Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, and Lime, Basil and Mandarin. So I guessed the right fragrance  – they just weren’t wearing it!

Gwen:    Kay, you’re a genius! I think that calls for THREE Happy Birthday prizes, not just two!

Kay:    Really? OK – you pick, and I’ll hold the hat with the names.

Gwen:    And the winners are:


dianawr, JoanElaine, and newmaven


Kay:    Congratulations!

(You lucky winners get to choose ANY FOUR decants you wish – just click here or on Contact Us to leave an e-mail message with your name, your 4 choices, and your mailing address, and we’ll get busy decanting!)


Gwen:    I can’t wait to see what they choose – I know what I’d choose.  Speaking of choices, did you find out if Kate or William actually did wear fragrance on their Big Day?

Kay:    Kate did – and it was British, of course. She wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, a small niche line from Michael Boadi, who did the Boadicea the Victorious line - apparently it’s a light fresh scent, very delicate and refined, white flowers on a base of amber.

Gwen:     Perfect for a young beautiful bride! Where can you buy it?

Kay:     Only in Britain, and, of course, and now it’s sold out everywhere! I can see that anything to do with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her fashion profile, is going to be good for British business! Gwen, we have to get some of this – know anyone in England?

Gwen:    Let me see (pulling out her phone)....we could call Blank, and Blank. Maybe Blank can help us track this one down – I’ll just give them a call right now...and if they can’t help, I can always call Blank.......

Kay:    Gwen, now YOU are the genius!!

To be continued

Tickled pink!

What a great bit of news! After 3 exhausting work days, I needed a little pick-me-up and here it is!

Thanks Gwen and Kay, for your generous prize. I have decided on Diorella, Jicky, Mystere and La Myrrhe.

Congrats to winners dianawr and newmaven. I would love to hear your choices!

Re: Tickled pink!

Congratulations, JoanElaine - thanks for posting this comment with your choices  because readers are no doubt curious,
It really is amazing how something like winning a little prize can change your day for the better, and the fact that it's perfume means that you'll be able to savour the good feeling for many more days to come.
We see from your choices that you're exploring the "classics" - we can guarantee you won't be disappointed. They're so unique!
Enjoy your decants, and stayed tuned to perfumeniche! - we have some great stuff in the works to tell you about.........
Kay and Gwen