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Nose to Nose - Fighting fire with fire! - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Hawaiian Fire Dancer - Mynameisben123, 26 Jan 2008

Kay: Did you see the article about summer fragrances in last Saturday's Globe & Mail?

Gwen: You mean the one about summer flankers by Amy Verner? I sure did. Amy always does a great job writing about perfumes.

Kay: And now that she’s based in Paris her articles are very au courant.

Gwen: If I recall correctly the article isn’t about regular old flankers, but flankers specifically designed to use in the summer, that are actually just lighter versions of “mother frags”.…which sounds to me like a marketing strategy by the big perfume brands to add to their bottom lines.

Kay: Right – create the need and they will spend. Well, it IS the time for summer frags, and we've been talking about our summer faves in the last few posts but I think that there are a couple of points in the article that are kind of “old school”, and miss the mark.

Gwen: Like what?

Kay: Well, for one thing, there's a quote from Marian Bendeth, who’s a perfume consultant in Toronto. She says that "Fragrances are volatile with heat....When you perspire more you don't want to go darker; you want to go lighter." She goes on to say that heavy, spicy perfumes can seem overwhelming in the summer, and gives the impression that it’s a real no-no to wear them.

Gwen: She makes a good point, but I disagree. I mean I’ve found that some summer frags can be so light they evaporate and almost disappear as soon as they hit hot skin! You have to carry your frag in your bag to re-spritz during the day, which can be a drag.

Kay: Not only that, but I know from experience that heat and sweat can reveal some of the hidden note-gems in heavier frags . It gives them another life – they bloom in the heat!

Gwen: Absolutely. You know, I’ve smelled more Oriental-type frags on the Riviera beaches than I have citrusy summery ones -  just because of the fact that they CAN stand up to the heat. 

Kay: Yeah – Europeans don’t care about perfume “rules”, and they know that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

Gwen: Exactly. They also know that the secret to wearing “non-Summer” frags in the heat is to wear just a little bit – 1 or 2 light spritzs only.

Kay: Right, just wear a little bit. I think people smell best when they wear a frag they love, and wear it with confidence, no matter what the temperature.

Gwen: Sing it sister – I’ve been preaching that for years! So let’s go put some of our “mother” frags in a decant pack and get ready to fight some fires – it’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

The “Fight Fire with Fire” pack 4 fabulous frags that fight summer heat - $14.00 + shipping. Regular price $16.00 + shipping.
Borneo 1834 – Serge Lutens – out of the tropic jungles, dry dark chocolate, coffee and green patchouli – not sweet, the perfect exotic skin scent that blooms in the heat.

Ensoleille Moi – Gas Bijou – bergamot, gardenia, coconut and vanilla – the smell of a hot hot summer’s day on a HOT beach!

Idole de Lubin – Lubin - 'Set the jungle on fire with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane, and as warm as leather.' - Olivia Giacobetti. Stunning!

Vamp à NY, Honoré des Prés  – rum, and creamy buttery tropical tuberose – the smell of tropical adventure - feminine,sensuous, and entirely original.