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Nose-to-Nose- Getting started in niche (February 1, 2012)

Image - Kennywood carousel in Pennsylvania - by larry Pieniazek, September 14, 2008


Kay: Say, your post this Monday raised an interesting question.

Gwen: You mean what’s a ‘lingam’? It's a ...

Kay:  I think I've figured out what THAT is, but the question that came to mind was "how do people get started in niche perfumes?"

Gwen: Well, it is a challenge for some. I just tell people it’s like a carousel – it's fun riding up and down on those painted ponies and if you want to have fun ,too, then don’t worry about which horse to get on, just get on the carousel, and then you can decide what horse you want. Just hop on!

Kay: Absolutely right – you got to start somewhere.

Gwen: Say, that gives me an idea for a gift pack.

Kay: Me too – a "starter" decant pack.

Gwen: Whoa! You just read my mind. Let's try that again….OK, I’m thinking of a number from one to ten…

Kay: Five!
Gwen: Hey, this is getting spooky…

Kay:  WelI, two great minds, as they say....

Gwen: So five frags in this pack, one for each of the groups. Let's see....Lime Basil and Mandarin for Fresh, Balenciaga Paris for Floral….

Kay: Bulgari Black for an Oriental…

Gwen: Comme des Garçons Wonderwood for a Woody….

Kay: The Third Man for a Fougère…

Gwen: And we can call it the “Neophyte” Pack
Kay: Neophyte? You're kidding, right?  Neophyte - I don’t think so! We gotta keep it simple. Call it the "Niche Starter" #1 Pack. It's confusing enough with all the perfume terms, etc.
Gwen: Why? What's wrong with Neophyte. I like Neophyte - it's a perfectly good word, an unusual, mellifluous word that you don't see very often anymore....
Kay: I'm just trying to curb your sesquipedalian tendencies.
Gwen: [Sigh] That's why you're my BFF. Now, tell everyone about the “Niche Starter” #1 Pack.


The “Niche Starter” #1 Pack includes 5 decants, one from each of the 5 main perfume categories, for $18 + shipping.

Fresh – Featuring outdoor or nature-inspired using notes, such as citrus, herbal, grassy, aqueous or ozone scents. Fresh scents are categorized as Citrus, Green, or Aquatic.

Lime Basil and Mandarin by Jo Malone

Floral -  Featuring either a blend of two or more flower notes, or a single flower note (soliflore) on top of the basenotes. Floral scents are categorized as Fresh, Soft floral Spicy/Herbal/Citrus, Fruity or Woody.

Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga

Oriental - These are full-bodied and rich scents with distinctive animalic basenotes such as amber and musk. Orientals are categorized as Floral/Fruity, Spicy/Herbal/Citrus, Gourmand, Woody/Incense, Animalic.

Bulgari Black by Bulgari

Woody - Featuring aromas of freshly cut, dry wood or fibrous roots such as sandalwood or vetiver. Woody scents are categorized Floral/Fruity, Incense/Smoky, Spicy/Herbal/Citrus, Tobacco/Leather

Wonderwood  by Comme des Garçons

Aromatic Fougère - A universal style combining fresh, floral, spice, and oriental notes.
Fougeres are categorized as Fresh, Spicy, Woody/Oriental.

Le 3e Homme (The Third Man) by Caron