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Nose-to-Nose - It's coming! October 26, 2011

 Photo - Wikipedia - European Beech in Fall - Jean-Pol Grandmount, 2007

Kay: Well, I put the fleece sheets on the beds today. It's coming.....

Gwen:  What's coming? Christmas? I'm ready - got all my shopping done!

Kay:  Are you kidding me? No! I'm not talking about Christmas.....I mean The Cold! The cold weather. The "layering-puffy coat-scarf-glove-boot-freezing your buns off" cold that's coming, as sure as god made little apples!

Gwen: Oh, that! You mean Winter. Kay, in case you haven't noticed, it's still Fall....yellow, orange and red trees, leaves on the ground, Hallowe'en pumpkins and ghosts.....Did you have to bring up Winter?... just thinking about it makes my bones ache.

Kay:  Yeah, guess I'm pushin' it a little.

Gwen: How about we think of our fave Fall perfumes? That'll make you feel better!

Kay: You're right, Gwen. I just thought of Heure Exquise and I feel better already. In fact, I' m going to go and spritz some right now! Aahhhh, that's better! I think Heure Exquise is perfume perfection - dry florals, leather and incense with a hint of almond.

Gwen:  There, see? - frags can really lift your spirits. When I woke up the morning, I could see that it was going to be a cool, clear Parfum Sacré kinda day, so I put it on first thing. It's such a dark woody, peppery, incensey rose that it really warms up a cool day.

Kay:    It's always so amazing to me how the weather affects my perfume choice.... When it's cool and sunny, I crave spicy and woody scents like the smell of outdoors, but when it's cool and rainy I have to have herbal and leather scents, like Bottega Veneta, with its soft patchouli/oakmoss/leather vibe......such subdued warmth, and so elegant. I feel like I'm wrapped in a cashmere blanket.

Gwen:  I know exactly what you mean, 'cause the other scent I've been grooving on is Chinatown. I mean, I can't get enough of those spiced up florals on that woody patchouli base. It's just so creamy and erotic - perfect for this weather.

Kay: You know, Gwen,  I think we should let our readers try our Fall Faves in a sample pack. Whadda ya think?  The "Kay and Gwen's Fall Faves" sample pack - 4 decants. They can try 4 fab 'fumes, and save a bit of $$$ at the same time.

Gwen: I'm with ya, BFF- it sure perked you up thinking about great Fall scents. I'm sure it will do the same for them.

Kay:  Ok, you made me feel so much better, but can you do anything about The Cold?

Gwen: Well, have you tried running on the spot? Gaining weight? Turning on the heat? Moving to a warm climate?

Kay:  Ooohh, you're such a smarty-pants. Give me that sample pack - I' m going to spritz myself with all four at the same time!

Gwen: Kinda like a party on your wrists....

Kay: Exactly.

Today we are adding "Kay and Gwen's Fall Faves" sample pack of  4 decants for $14.00 - Heure Exquise, Chinatown, Parfum Sacré and Bottega Veneta - to our decant sample offering.