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Nose-to-Nose - "Patchouli Lovefest" Sample Pack (Wednesday, March 16, 2011)

Gwen:     What do you want to talk about today?

Kay:     I dunno. My brain is twittered, I‘ve had too many tweets.

Gwen:      What if we talk about our favourite note?

Kay:      You mean roses?
Gwen:     I said OUR favourite note.....patchouli.

Kay:     Patchouli!!!!! When did YOU start loving patchouli?

Gwen:      Well, after you wrote your blog about Luten’s Borneo 1834, and then the ones you posted on CdeG LUXE Patchouli and L’Artisan Patchouli Patch, I figured it was time to wake up and smell the patchouli. So I did – I started paying attention. That’s how I met and bought Elixir Patchouli and Portrait of a Lady. Now I loooove this note!

Kay:     Congratulations, BFF!  Tell me why you love it.

Gwen:     It’s simple - It just smells so darn good!

Kay:     I agree. Did you know that patchouli is an herb that belongs to the mint family? And the best quality patchouli for perfumes is grown in India and Indonesia – Sumatra to be specific. The scent of Sumatran patchouli leaves, like in Borneo 1834, is a-maaazing – cool, green, earthy – a smell of camphor mixed with licorice, which I find delicious, in a savoury kind of way. It’s far different from the sweet, heavy, musty “head-shop” patchouli oil scent that most people think of when you mention patchouli.

Gwen:     I’ve been nosin’ around and researching patchouli a bit – I didn’t realize that it was such an important ingredient in perfumery. I knew that it’s been used for centuries in Eastern cultures, because of its medicinal properties...

Kay:     Yeah, it’s also an excellent bug repellent and insecticide...

Gwen:     But it’s used as a fixative in perfumes to bind various notes together, and it gives the accords some weight, and makes them hold their scent longer. Well over a third of perfumes use patchouli, even though, in some of them, you can’t really smell it clearly as a note in the juice....

Kay:      Apparently, when patchouli is distilled it becomes a thick dense oil, so I can see why it’s used as a base-note fixative.

Gwen:     I’ve tested some high quality patchouli oils, and the good stuff smells great – pure, earthy, herbal and aromatic.  And it smells fantastic when mixed with other aromatics, like coffee, cocoa, spices, resinous woods, musk.

Kay:     Patchouli adds that complexity which makes good perfumes so intriguing and.... tantalizing.

Gwen:     Yeah, that’s it! If I ever needed a word to describe something – that’s it. Patchouli is tantalizing. Patchouli hits some primal memory in my brain – it makes me want to follow my nose just to keep sniffing its trail.

Kay:     It does that to me, too! Gwen, I think we were dogs in a previous life, or maybe we’ll be lucky and be dogs in a future life!

Gwen:     And be able to smell even 15,000 times better than now? Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine what patchouli would smell like......Sign me up!
Today we’re adding the “Patchouli  Lovefest”  Sample Pack – 4 decant samples for $12.00, plus shipping.
Borneo 1834 – Serge Lutens
Borneo 1834 is an incredibly dark dry scent, opening with a shocking blast of bitter cocoa powder, and what? what is that smell?? It’s patchouli - but a patchouli that I've never smelled before. Patchouli leaves, vegetal, earthy, not the least bit sweet or hippy-dippy.
Elixir Patchouli – Réminiscence
Launched in 2007 by Réminiscence, the French boho jewellery and clothing store, Elixir Patchouli is a more intense, richer version of their signature Patchouli scent. Resinous, exotic and luxurious – patchouli perfect!
Patchouli Patch – L’Artisan
What you get is an herbal patchouli blast with the topnotes, and then it lightens and starts to float with an almost herbal licorice note, that evolves into an earthy woody accord. Highly seductive and addictive.
Portrait of a Lady – Fréderic Malle
Portrait of a Lady is the 19th frag in the Editions de Parfums Fréderic Malle line. Created around the lush, opulent Turkish rose, it includes berries, oud and spices. Patchouli, another good friend of rose, adds earthiness as well as woodiness, which is amplified by sandalwood. It’s a swooner!