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Nose-to-Nose - Perfume LIGHT - Wednesday August 29, 2912:

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Kay:  Well, it finally happened.

Gwen: What?

Kay: I met a frag I truly hate. At a wedding this past weekend. And - I had to sit next to it during a very loooong dinner. It made me nauseous – I almost couldn't eat .

Gwen: Ohhhh, sounds bad, the not eating part...

Kay:  You’re darn right, it was bad! I was totally famished, plus, it was the best food I'd ever had at a wedding, but this horrific fume really put me off! I think this dame had sprayed every square inch of her body  - the air kinda vibrated around the table….man, was it a stinker!

Gwen: Do you know what it was?

Kay: I didn't recognize it, and I wasn't gonna ask. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of telling me it's her signature scent....

Gwen: Oh yeah, “signature scent syndrome”. They can't smell it anymore, so we all suffer. Hey BFF, remember why we started to write our Wednesday Nose-to-Nose posts?... so we could talk about stuff like this, get things off our chest, share our insights.

Kay: And the questions raised by our readers.

Gwen: Like the person who emailed last week wanting us to recommend some lighter type fumes. Now, there's someone who's considerate....

Kay: She also has what she calls a "sensitive nose".

Gwen: I think we gave her some excellent tips about how she can control the intensity of a scent dabbing lightly on the wrists only, and not spritzing like usual,  or wearing oil or water-based frags instead of alcohol- based...

Kay: Or spraying on a cotton pad instead of her skin, and wearing in her bra, or applying scent 30 minutes or so before leaving home so the top notes have a chance to burn off...

Gwen: And we gave her super suggestions for some "light type” frags, those with soft grassy notes like Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal, fresh scents like Sel Marin from James Heeley...

Kay: And soft greens like Angéliques sous la  Pluie from Frédéric Malle

Gwen: Even "leather light" like Bottega Veneta.

Kay: Hey! We should send a "Perfume Light" pack to that wedding guest from hell!

Gwen: Do ya think she'd get the message?

Kay: Who knows, but at least I’d feel better knowing we've made the world a better-smelling place for those around her!

Gwen: I'm glad you got this off your chest, BFF.

Kay: I have to admit - I feel a weight has been lifted off me - LOL. Do I sound whiny? I hate sounding whiny….

Gwen: You’re not whiny – you’re hungry! Let’s go make up for that fab meal you missed….I’m thirsty!


“Perfume Light” Pack - Four fabulous light scents you can wear anywhere, anytime. $15 + shipping (regular $17)

Fresh – Angéliques sous la Pluie – Frédéric Malle – the scent of Spring rain

Floral/Grassy – Ninfeo Mio – Annick Goutal – a walk in an Italian garden

Aquatic – Sel Marin – Heeley – a walk by the sea

Floral/Leather – Bottega Veneta – Bottega Veneta – the scent of elegance