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Nose-to-Nose: Sniffing Around With Esther--November 16, 2016

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New in niche
Perfume lovers in Toronto, Canada—or those planning a trip there between now and January 31—have a treat to look forward to: the Italian line Il Profumo will be available in a pop-up shop at Saks Fifth Avenue on Queen Street. I’ve sniffed one or two of their scents, and they are divine, so am looking forward to spending more time sampling the range on my next Toronto trip. (The Saks perfume floor is worth at least a morning of your time—so much to browse!)
Nosing around
Kay recently wrote about one of her favourite Mona di Orio fragrances, Eau Absolue. di Orio passed away suddenly in 2011, but if you’d like insight into her creative process, check out this interview with her from shortly before her death on CaFleurBon. And you can find decants of some of her other perfumes here on Perfumeniche: Myrhh Casati, Amyitis, Cuir  and Violet Fumee (one of my faves). 
Makes me want to try it
Andy Tauer—a favourite around here—has released Au Coeur du Desert, a “lighter” interpretation of his fabulous L’Air du Desert Marocain. Check out this review on NowSmellThis. It doesn’t surprise me to read that even this lighter version might be too heavy for some—Tauer’s ‘fumes have lots of presence. Still, I will be searching out a sample to sniff—Tauer is an artist, and even if I can’t wear his fragrances every day, they’re lovely to have on hand for those moments when I want to be wrapped in scent. 
Check out Tauer’s scents on offer from Kay and Gwen here.
Vintage appeal 
Andy Tauer has done some wonderful interpretations of vintage perfumes, including Dark Passage, a limited edition (and devilishly hard to find) patchouli and cocoa fragrance. One that Gwen and Kay have on offer is Une Rose Chyprée, which Tauer describes as a “modern vintage perfume.” Check it out here.
Just because
Yes, we’re gearing up for Christmas, and the UK holiday adverts are a seasonal favourite around here. Check out this one from M&S, one of the best of the bunch in my opinion!