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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

This time around, it’s not so much “new” as it is “back on the block”: L’Artisan is bringing back one of my favourite fragrances as a limited edition release. Ananas Fizz was one of my first two niche fragrance buys (the other was Annick Goutal’s Songes), so I was sad last year to hear it was being discontinued. Turns out it wasn’t gone for long: it’s now back for a limited time, and just in time for summer. It’s a perfect hot-weather scent: full of citrus, sunny fruits and pineapple, as well as frangipani and vanilla. It’s light and fizzy and delightful. Check it out at your L’Artisan counter, at or pick up a decant from Gwen and Kay.  (They have Songes as well!)


Vintage appeal

I reached into my perfume cabinet this week and pulled out a fragrance that I absolutely didn’t understand when I first bought it: Guerlain’s Nahema. I’d picked it up based on a rave in Luca Turin and Tanis Sanchez’s Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, which gave it five stars and described it as having “unearthly radiance…without equal among perfumery roses.” It took me a year of sniffing other things before I came back to it and thought—wow, this stuff really is good! I didn’t realize it had been inspired by Catherine Deneuve and that creator Jean-Paul Guerlain felt it was his most distinctive and original creation until I read a comparison of the new and vintage versions on Bois de Jasmin.  Check it out: I’m sure you won’t be able to resist it either—even if, like me, it takes you a year to “get it”!


Deals, deals, deals

While Ananas Fizz is a perfect summer scent, Lalique Le Parfum is a great winter ‘fume: a rich, animalic, oriental. Victoria at Bois de Jasmin gives it four stars--and it’s frequently available on deep discount at the online retailers. Check it out at --or try a decant from Gwen and Kay. 


Nosing around

Interested in learning more about the nose behind Ananas Fizz? Anne Flipo is behind other L’Artisan scents such as La Chasse Aux Papillons, Verte Violette, Iris Pallida and others. She also collaborated with Loc Dong on Yves Saint Laurent’s men’s cologne Manifesto, released last year. Check out this interview with Loc Dong and Anne Flipo to hear the story behind the perfume. 


Makes me want to try it

Usually this section is about a post that makes me want to try a particular perfume. This time, it’s about a post that makes me want to try another website. The post was on The Non-Blonde’s website, written by “the husband” and was about a site that rates fragrances on their potency. The site is called The Fragrance Potency Index, and evaluates frags on their projection and sillage. As “the husband” points out, the site isn’t that clear about how the they make their measurements, but it is interesting reading. Check it out at


Just because

I’m tired. And so are these (extraordinarily cute) animals