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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

We've extended the closing date for our contest to win a 100ml. bottle of Séville à l'Aube to April 30, to give you more time to read Denyse Beaulieu's book, The Perfume Lover, and answer our three questions. You'll find the questions here in our recent post. Send us an e-mail with your answers, and your name goes in the hat for the draw!


Now, here's Esther........ 

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New in niche

I’m always on the lookout for a new source of information about perfume, especially niche perfume, so I was delighted to find the recently released book Cult Perfumes: The World’s Most Exclusive Perfumeries by Tessa Williams. The well-illustrated book features profiles of perfume houses ranging from Amouage and Annick Goutal to Grossmith, Ormond Jayne, Serge Lutens and many more. The book is filled with interesting tidbits about the houses, perfumers and fragrances—a treat for anyone interested in perfume!


Vintage appeal

Angela on Now Smell This posted a terrific piece about perfume literacy and the fact that so few people recognize the classics of perfumery by name or scent anymore: Shalimar, Miss Dior, L’Heure Bleue and others. She’s right, of course: with so many new launches flooding the market, those classics have fallen out of favour and simply aren’t as ubiquitous as they once were. When I started sniffing a few years ago, one of my biggest discoveries was that these “old” perfumes were so, well, incredible. And while some have suffered as they’ve been reformulated, it’s still worth sniffing them out—in their current versions and, if you can find them, in their vintage formulations. 

Check out some of the classics that Gwen and Kay have on offer: L’Heure Bleue, Shalimar, Diorella, Dioressence, Ma GriffeMadame Rochas, Mitsouko  and many more.


Deals, deals, deals

Another recent Now Smell This post by Erin about discounted perfume favourites reminded me of one of my favourite low-price finds, Kenzo’s Ca Sent Beau, a floral fruity fragrance that, as the name suggests, does indeed smell lovely. You can find it online and in shops for under $50.


Nosing around

One of the intriguing houses profiled in Cult Perfumes is Britain’s Angela Flanders. For Flanders, perfumery was a second career—she worked for many years as a costume designer for film and television—that she embarked upon in her 50s. Her small shop in east London was open mainly by appointment, as she created perfumes that attracted loyal followers. Flanders’ 2012 launch Precious One garnered the Fragrance Foundation’s top award for best new independent perfume, and she’s since opened a second shop with more regular hours. I love the idea of someone creating a successful perfume house in her 50s and beyond—and look forward to sampling some of Flanders’ scents. 


Makes me want to try it

Green leaves, lemon slices and violet petals: that’s enough to get me interested! Victoria at Bois de Jasmin has reviewed two new Hermes fragrances, Eau de Narcisse Bleu (of the aforementioned green leaves, lemon slices and violet petals), and Eau de Mandarine Ambree, a “juicy mandarin orange,” both by Jean-Claude Ellena. Can’t wait to give them a sniff!


Just because

The people at Dove have created some terrific and thought-provoking ad campaigns through the years, and their latest one had me tearing up—and thinking. Check it out here, and ask yourself, could you describe your beauty to someone else? Would you?