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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

Regular readers will know that we here at have a special love for Christopher Brosius, the nose behind the line CB I Hate Perfume, and that I in particular have a fondness for vintage scents. So imagine my delight in (a) reading about his scent 7 Billion Hearts, “inspired by the gorgeous rich sensual vanilla/amber perfumes of the early 20th century” and (b) discovering a shop in Toronto (where I happened to be visiting) that stocks the smoky vanilla fragrance. In fact, two shops in Toronto stock his wares: Jacob & Sebastian on Queen West, and Ewanika on Bathurst. (For a complete list of shops that carry the line, look here.) I popped into Jacob & Sebastian and had a sniff, and now I’m pining for the ‘fume. (Yes, I was uncharacteristically cautious when I was there, and decided to consider the scent a bit more before buying. Now I have non-buyer’s regret.) I think I see a bottle in my future…

Check out CB I Hate Perfume scents Black March and Violet Empire on offer from Gwen and Kay. 

Vintage appeal

Okay, so this isn’t exactly vintage, but it kind of is: I was at the Byredo counter at Holt’s in Toronto (yes, I did sniff my way across the city) when the always knowledgeable SA Daniel gave me a spritz of Green, the line’s first fragrance, released in 2008. So, not exactly vintage—but kind of, because it was inspired by memories the line’s creator, Ben Gorham, had of his father’s cologne in the 1970s and ‘80s. It is an absolutely gorgeous green, created by house perfumer Jerome Epinette. (Olivia Giacobetti—another Perfumeniche favourite--also creates scents for Byredo.) Krista, over on Scent of the Day, does a nice job of describing it. 

Interested in checking out Byredo? Gwen and Kay have two of the house’s scents on offer: Fantastic Man and M/Mink

Deals, deals, deals

Speaking of Olivia Giacobetti, I also stumbled upon on of her gorgeous frags at the Winner’s in suburban Ottawa (another stop on my recent road trip): L’Eau de L’Artisan. At under $50 for the 50ml bottle, it was a steal (usual price is about twice that). Word is that the line is discontinuing the 50ml bottles and updating its packaging, which explains why I’ve seen the fragrances, body milks and shower gels at Winners lately. Check out your local discount retailer—you might get lucky too!

Gwen and Kay have lots of L’Artisan frags on offer: check them out here

Nosing around

While he’s not the nose behind the Byredo line, Ben Gorham is certainly its creative force. Check out this fascinating article and slide show on Gorham which ran recently in the New York Times’ fashion magazine. 

Makes me want to try it

Jerome Epinette is the nose behind many of Byredo’s scents, as well as a handful of Atelier Cologne perfumes. Atelier is a house I’ve read about but never really explored, but now, thanks to a 4-star review of its  Rose Anonyme on Bois de Jasmin, I think I’ll be searching it out. Who could resist this set up: “Rose Anonyme contains mostly dark elements that can easily topple a less carefully considered fragrance. But it’s so smoothly blended that the perfume feels like something that one slides into rather than something one sprays on.”

Just because

Watch this. Laugh. And then you’ll also be equipped to save a life. A great public service ad from the British Heart Foundation.