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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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Easter chocolate hunt winner!

Drum roll please....

And the winner of the Easter hunt for chocolate notes in our Perfumeniche fragrances is - Jasmine, in Toronto. She gets a 50 ml. bottle of Passage d’Enfer by L’Artisan Parfumeur, and she is THRILLED!

Congratulations, Jasmine! 

Gwen and Kay 

And now - here's Esther.....

New in niche

French niche house The Different Company produces one of my all-time favourite iris scents: Bois d’Iris by founder and perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. When Ellena moved to Hermes, his daughter Celine Ellena took over as The Different Company’s nose. This spring, the line is launching L’Esprit Cologne—developed by neither Celine nor Jean-Claude, but by perfumer Emilie Coppermann. Coppermann is the nose behind Givenchy Play, Burberry Brit Sheer, Lalique Eau de Lalique, Christian Lacroix Bazar Femme and many others. She’s collaborated with Jean-Claude Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Mark Buxton and others on many scents as well. According to NowSmellThis, the quartet will include Tokyo Bloom (green and crisp, featuring basil and dandelion leaves), After Midnight (luminous and radiant, featuring bergamot, neroli, ambergris and white flowers), Sienne d’Orange (light and tangy with orange and carrot notes), and Limon de Cordoza (sweet and spicy with citric notes and mint leaves). Interested in other scents by The Different Company? Gwen and Kay have De Bachmakov and Des Sens et Bois on offer here.

Vintage appeal

When I saw the bottle in an online auction, I knew it would make a perfect gift for one of my vintage fragrance loving pals. It was the familiar shape of the Madame Rochas bottle—but bore the name Mousseline. A little research turned up the info that it was a long-discontinued scent by Edmond Roudnitska, a chypre created in 1946. Even better: it was under $50 (not cheap, mind you, but not the astronomical prices some vintage ‘fumes fetch). Of course, my pal let me have a sniff after I gave it to her, and it is lovely—though at least half of the fun was in finding something neither of us had heard of, and following online links to learn more about it!

Deals, deals, deals

With niche scents hitting ever-higher price points, it’s easy to start thinking that good perfume is by definition pricey. But that isn’t necessarily the case, and two examples spring immediately to mind: the lovely—and incredibly well-priced—scents of Yves Rocher and the interesting Gorilla Perfumes at Lush (I loooove Breath of God, offered here at perfumeniche - read Kay's blog about this very unique frag). And Gwen and Kay also list Rose Absolue by Yves Rocher - check out more of these excellent scents online at and Folks tell me Avon has some great scents, too, though I haven’t sampled them myself. Feel free to share your favourite cheap thrills in the comments section, too.

Nosing around

Read more about Emilie Coppermann, the perfumer behind The Different Company’s new launches on Now Smell This. The site’s “Noses” section is a terrific research tool if you’re trying to figure out who created what—or looking for new scents to try based on knowing that you love the creations of this nose or that one.’s Nose section (organized, oddly, alphabetically by first name) and the Advanced Fragrance Search on are other good research tools.

Makes me want to try it

“A staggering vista of a Mediterranean garden.” That’s Elena Vosnaki of Perfumeshrine describing Maria Candida Gentile’s Hanbury, which she goes on to describe as “sweetly citrusy on top, lushly floral and nectarous in the heart, wonderfully understated and elegant in its base.” Don’t know about you, but that seems pretty hard to resist to me. Kay recently wrote about the "pure poetry" of Maria Candida's Barry Lyndon scent - the decant is listed here - and Gwen let me smell another of Gentile’s scents, Exultat, and it is divine. Here’s hoping they makes decants of it available soon, too. Hint, hint.

Just because

I’m already planning my trip to New York for this November. Why? The Museum of Art and Design will finally be opening it’s “The Art of Scent” exhibition, curated by writer and fragrance expert Chandler Burr, reports Victoria on See you there!