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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

I stumbled on niche house Slumberhouse while browsing, and was struck by the descriptions of their ‘fumes, many of them sounding smoky, rich and delicious. I ordered a few samples, and ended up getting a full bottle of Vikt—a dark balasamic wood scent—for my perfume-hound sister, who had fallen in love with my decant. It is deeee-licious! Now, the house has launched three new scents: Baque, a “warm, amber tobacco flower perfume containing notes of smokey apricot, cedar, straw, vanilla, tobacco leaf, davana, ambergris tincture and parchment”; Norne, “luxuriously composed entirely with 100% pure forest absolutes” including lichen, fern and moss; and Rume, an animalic paired with “clay, cola, filbert and hay.” I’m a sucker for tobacco scents, so Baque has caught my eye—but who knows, perhaps I try the other two as well! 

Vintage appeal

Blame Kay: she’s the one who gave me a blast of her vintage Azzaro 9, a juicy mid-1980s floral, featuring aldehydes, pineapple, mimosa, tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, sandalwood, oakmoss, vanilla, incense, cedar and more (did I mention it’s fragrance-packed?). I sniffed it and I had to have it—but couldn’t find it. Then, as I browsed the forums on Basenotes, there it was in the Items for Sale forum! I snapped it up (all the way from Singapore!) and it arrived in all its juicy goodness a few weeks later. Take a look at Basenotes' sale forum if you’re on the hunt—you never know what will turn up in the forum’s offerings!

Deals, deals, deals

I’m always touting the deals on other sites, but this week a bit of self-promotion for Gwen and Kay: their decant packs are a great way to sample a range of niche scents! Check them out here. 

Nosing around

Interested in Slumberhouse? Their website offers this intriguing bit of info about them: “Slumberhouse is a boutique cologne label in the heart of Portland, OR; created and inspired by urban and street culture, art, film and music - especially the new school of hiphop and graffiti artists. We are a group of young gents who march to our own beat, embracing an absolute disregard for other brands, trends and marketing cliches.” Check out their Portland, Oregon-based operation here.

Makes me want to try it

Denyse Beaulieu at Grain de Musc is responsible for more of my blind buys than just about anyone else. (Okay, I guess I should be a grown-up and be responsible for my own blind buys—but Denyse inspires more blind buys than anyone else!) Her post on niche house YS.UZAC’s Pohadka, which she described as “ quite simply the finest, most vividly naturalistic tobacco scent I’ve ever experienced” caught my eye, and in no time I was on YS.UZAC’s site ordering a sample (for 5 Euros for 4 ml). While I was there, I figured I’d check out their other scents. All arrived this week (only a week or so after I’d ordered them), and they are lovely. Pohadka is definitely my favourite, but Métaboles—featuring tomato twig, geranium, licorice, pepper and raspberry honey—is delightful as well. 

Just because

This has nothing to do with perfume, but everything to do with passion, creativity, playfulness and imagination (hmmm…all things connected to perfume too, right?). If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this delightful video about 9-year-old Caine and his cardboard arcade. It is inspiring and delightful and magical—a perfect match for a spring evening when all things seem possible.