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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, July 20, 2016

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New in niche
There’s lots of positive buzz about Andy Tauer’s Rose Delight Body Oil (it shows up on the Non-Blonde’s list of top summer perfume oils, linked below), and has a glowing review on Now Smell This. Check it out!
And if you’re interesting in other Andy Tauer scents, Gwen and Kay have plenty on offer. Get the full list of Tauer scents on offer by clicking here.  
Vintage appeal
I love a modern fragrance that nods to the past, and according to Denyse Beaulieu at Grain de Musc, that’s exactly what Ma Bete by Eris does. It made Denyse’s best of summer list (see link below), and she described is a perfumer Antoine Lie’s “take on the fabled Animalis base—a waxy, fatty, feral, honeyed beast lurking in Shocking and Visa (probably), as well as La Nuit…, Poison, Kouros and their unnatural offspring Parfum de Peau. Like wearing a vintage fur coat with the lining ripped out.” 
The good news? Gwen and Kay have Ma Bete on offer!  
Deals, deals, deals
My in-box had been overflowing with summer deal offers, among them (extra 15% off using code FX15), a complimentary sample pack of 10 0.7ml samples from Twisted Lily (using code TWCUSTOM10), and Ineke’s offer of free shipping and a bonus scent library when purchasing any full-size fragrance online to celebrate their tenth anniversary. All to say—it’s worth it to sign up for e-newsletters from the fragrance houses and retailers of your choice!
Nosing around
Check out this intriguing interview with Andy Tauer on Perfume Polytechnic, a new-to-me site. And you can find more interviews in this series by clicking on Series 1, Series 2 or Series 3.
Makes me want to try it
Oh no! The blogger lists of best summer fragrances is out! Why “oh no”? Because these lists are sooooo hard on my wallet—they always send me into a “must-find-it” tizzy, that generally ends up with my PayPal account taking a hit! But hey, who am I to keep these things to myself? If you’re up for some temptation, check out the lists of top summer scents from Now Smell This, Bois de Jasmin, Grain de Musc, The Non-Blonde and The Perfume Posse.
Two of my particular faves are on the Grain de Musc list, and Kay and Gwen have them on offer: Ensoleille-Moi and Terracotta Le Parfum .
Just because
It's been a tough few weeks, news-wise. So rather than posting a distracting link for you to click on, here's my suggestion: spritz on your favourite perfume, turn off your computer and spend some time with someone who makes you smile. Just because.