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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, March 2, 2016

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New in niche
Any new ‘fume from Editions Parfums de Frederic Malle is worthy of note, and his latest—Monsieur—sounds compelling, described by Kevin on Now Smell This as a musky, cedar-y leather. Definitely one to search out!
Vintage appeal has a terrifically fun series of posts called Shop Your Perfume Wardrobe, with bloggers reaching into their cupboards to pull out old favourites. Elena Vosnaki of writes about one of my sister’s favourites: 24, Faubourg. Her re-view/rediscovery of this Hermes classic had me emailing Sis for a decant. Read it here.
Deals, deals, deals
I understand why any fragrance fan might want a full bottle of a favourite frag. Still, I have to say that these days I lean more towards smaller sizes, which is one reason I love sample packs from fragrance houses. So, when I heard that Saks Fifth Avenue, newly opened in Canada, was offering Maison Francis Kurkdjian samplers—8 fragrances of 11 ml each, in both a men’s and women’s version—I was thrilled. 
And of course, sample addicts like me can also try some of Kurkdjian’s perfumes on Gwen and Kay’s list. They include Reve en Cuir, Absolue Pour le Soir, Fleur de Figuier, Lady VengeanceEnlevement au Serail, Eau Noire and Iris Nobile Edizione Speciale 2008.
Nosing around
Bruno Jovanovic is the nose behind Malle’s Monsieur. Check out this interview with him talking about an earlier scent creation, Calvin Klein’s Endless Euphoria.
Makes me want to try it
Can men wear rose perfumes? a friend recently asked me. Of course, I said—though I was a bit stumped in coming up with many to suggest. Parfums Rosine’s Rose d’Homme was an obvious one—and then I found this article by Victoria Frolova of, with a full list of rose fragrances perfect for men.   
Interested in Rose d’Homme? Gwen and Kay have it on offer.  
Just because
Do you need a beach break? I do. But since I’m stuck in my office, I’m getting a virtual one, with this Tenerife beach camera.