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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, March 30, 2016

New in niche

Does Chanel count as niche? I ask rhetorically, since I’m going to include it here as the news is about their Les Exclusifs line, which I adore: Chanel is launching Boy Chanel, a unisex fragrance inspired by Coco Chanel’s lost love (he was killed in a car accident) Arthur “Boy” Capel. The frag is the work of house perfumer Olivier Polge. While calling it unisex, Polge says it is very masculine “and—like many other things in life—gender is given by the person wearing it.” Its notes include lavender, rose geranium, lemon, grapefruit, rose, orange blossom, sandalwood, heliotropin, vanilla and musk. It has debuted in Paris and will go into wide release in June.


Interested in the Les Exclusifs line? Gwen and Kay have Sycamore, 28 La Pausa and Cuir de Russie. And of course, they also have Chanel No. 5. 


Deals, deals, deals

Czech and Speake is offering a free cologne sample set worth 12.50 British pounds with any online Aromatics purchase over 50 British pounds, purchased before midnight on April 4. The sample set will be automatically added to orders at checkout on their site.


Vintage appeal

Talking about Chanel always makes me think of my favourite Chanel fragrance, Cuir de Russie. If you’re interested in the history of this amazing fragrance, launched in 1924, check out Elena Vosnaki’s post on PerfumeShrine.


Interested in sampling the fragrance? Gwen and Kay have it on offer.


Nosing around

March always reminds me of Black March (or is it the other way around?) by nose Christopher Brosius of CBIHatePerfume. Check out this interview from a few years ago for some insight into this one-of-a-kind perfumer.  


Intrigued by his scents? Gwen and Kay have 2nd Cumming, Wild Pansy, Outside, Black March and Violet Empire on offer. 


Makes me want to try it

Some scent categories are easier to grasp than others: rose scents, for instance, or florals more generally. But I’ve always struggle a bit with fougeres. I love many of them, but I’d always been a bit confused by the fact that I’d supposed ferns—the supposed inspiration for fougeres—to be scentless. So had Victoria Frolova, until a trip to the Estonian forest. Read about her journey—and recommendations for a number of fougeres to explore—on the Financial Times’ site How to Spend It. 


Then check out the fougere category on Perfumeniche by clicking here or entering "fougere" in the search box. 


Just because

On a day when I needed a laugh, this one had me in tears.