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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, September 7, 2016

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New in niche
I’ve been keeping an eye out for Italians lately: as much as I love the French and the Americans and the Swiss, the sunny Italians suit my current mood. So I was delighted to see an Italian line I hadn’t heard of pop up in an email—and even more delighted when I read reviews of two of the frags by Luca Turin, who described them as “lovely stuff.” The line is Angela Ciampagna, and the fragrances that won over Turin are Liquo and Nox. Check out his review, and then if he’s tweaked your interest, head over to Indiescents to shop. 
Nosing around
Angela Ciampagna and her husband Enrico Maraffino create their fragrances in the town of Atri, in central Italy. Find out about their creative process and approach in this article on I love the anecdote that Ciampagna shares: “I remember that when I was just eight I paid my aunt a visit in a small village of the Veneto region. It was fall. The landlady of the flat, that we had taken for rent, guided us to the upper floor. Well, for the first time I had a kind of “Stendhal syndrome”, when I met the smell of the bedroom where I had to sleep: mothball, dry flowers, dust, clean sheets and a woman with her violet perfume that opened the riverside window. Oh my God! It was neither good nor bad. It was lively… It’s my pleasure to create perfumes that are able to tell a story, just like the scents in that bedroom. Perfumes shouldn’t be good or bad, they should be a fist to the breastbone.”
Deals, deals, deals
Back to school specials are the order of the week, with a few lingering Labour Day sales as well. Head to your favourite site and see what’s on offer—and as I always suggest—sign up for their newsletters to get advance warning of sales and special discount codes.
Makes me want to try it
Another Italian is on my radar screen, also thanks to Mr. Turin’s blog: Antonio Gardoni. Turin describes Gardoni’s debut scent of two years ago, Bogue Maai, as spectacular and “meticulously true to the feel and texture of a big chypre from 70 years ago.” Now, Gardoni has a new fragrance out for his own firm, Bogue, called O/E and two others out for other firms: Gardelia for Bologna’s Profumeria Sacro Cuore and Aeon 001 for the Zurich firm of the same name. Check out Turin’s reviews here.  And, Gwen and Kay have Bogue Maai listed in the Decant Store - read Kay's review here.
Vintage appeal
“Pretty much perfection.” That’s how Yesterday’s Perfume blogger Barbara Herman describes the classic chypre Givenchy III, which I decided to spritz on after reading about Antonio Gardoni’s Maai (mentioned above). And it is pretty much perfection: if you can get your hands on a vintage bottle of this gem, I’d say grab it!
Interested in sampling some chypres? Gwen and Kay have 47 (!) on offer, divided into subsets of Aromatics, Florals, Fruity and Green. Let the spritzing begin! 
Just because
Kenzo just won my personal best perfume commercial ever award. I will be sending them a plaque next week.