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Nose-to-Nose -Summer cocktail fragrances – July 27, 2016

Caipirinha cocktail with sugar cane swizzle stick by Dave Catania, December 2006 - Wikipedia


It’s summertime, and cocktails are on the menu. Gotta beat the heat any way we can!

Some drinks smell so delicious we’re tempted to dab a little on bare sun-tanned skin. But there are some fabulous niche fragrances that truly smell the way summery drinks taste so no need to save that last sip for dabbing. Perfume notes that smell tart, aromatic, bitter, sweet/sour, peppery, tropical, burnt-sugary, rich and boozy and smoky from special notes such as bergamot, lime, and lemon, grapefruit, juniper, mint, tiare flower, coconut, sugar-cane rum, tobacco. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Idole de Lubin by Lubin - tartly spiced and rummy and luscious

KAY - So the first thing you smell when Idole comes out of the bottle are spiced oranges and rum, totally delicious and pungent. As the dry-down gets into full gear, the rummy citrus-sweet sugar cane top-notes take a back seat to smoky, leather woody notes, and every so often the rum jumps back into the front, which keeps the ride interesting. The character of this fragrance is luscious, warm and inviting, long-lasting with seductive sillage, but amazingly, not intrusive or overwhelming. Olivia Giacobetti’s light touch at work! It is so beautiful!

Batucada by L’Artisan Parfumeur – fresh and tropical and rummy

GWEN - Batucada opens fresh and green from citrusy lime and herbaceous mint leaves, but there also a note of rich fruitiness from davana and a lovely tropical note from coconut. The opening is light and refined, not heavy or sharp. It leads straight to a sumptuous floral heart of rich tiare flower and fragrant ylang ylang that highlight cachaça, a sugar cane rum. This is a nod to the caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil . I’ve never had a caipirinha, but if it tastes as good as this juice smells, well, I’m gonna be having a few of these over the summer holidays.

Still Life by Olfactive Studio – sparkly and peppery and deeply flavoured

KAY- A tantalizing twist of yuzu, the bitter Japanese citrus, is in the first few sniffs of Still Life - this party is just getting started and cocktails are being served!  Mandarin zest and ultra-tart grapefruit hang at the top, followed by nose-tingling pops of pepper, pink and black. The effect is amazing - bright, sparkly, full of movement, anything but still.

The party-buzz deepens as Still Life moves into the heart – someone plants bottles of anise and rum on the table. Shots, anyone? These flavourful notes blend with the citrus, the dry-down deepens the rum, mixing it with cedar and ambrox so that it becomes not caramel-sweet, but dry and slightly resinous, still with a hint of yuzu. Still Life is a taste as much as a fabulous scent, and it is awfully good.

Diabolo Rose by Les parfums de Rosine – rosy and minty and woody-earthy

GWEN- Diabolo Rose was inspired by the bright green drink favoured by French children called Diabolo Menthe, which is made by adding green mint syrup to lemonade. It opens with a full, luscious rose with bergamot, aromatic with fresh, green peppermint. The rich rose and cool mint combo is so unique and so perfectly balanced I just wish it would go on and on, but as it moves to the middle, it changes and gets even better. The opening rose note is boosted in the heart by rose absolue, and accented by the distinctive floral notes of lily of the valley and peony while the mint is echoed by the addition of earthy, green tomato leaf. As it dries down in the base, evergreen maté leaves add herbal grassiness, sandalwood soft woodiness, amber and musk animalic earthiness. Mmmm, even though I’m not a child I must admit I like the drink, but I absolutely love wearing this unique fragrance.

Add to your summer vibe, and give these luscious scents a try. No doubt you'll think they're just as fascinating as we do. Each of our choices is just $4.00 for 1 ml. - click on the links to read their stories.