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Nose-to-Nose - Tea with Turin and why we write - October 28, 2015

Image from - Luca Turin with Jo Fairley

Kay:            Hey Gwen, I just read about Luca Turin’s recent afternoon visit with the Perfume Society in London – they invited him to tea. How charming!

Gwen:        Doesn’t that sound like fun! I would love to have been there.

 Kay:            He has a new book called the Folio Columns 2003-2014, a collection of his columns for the German mag, NZZ Folio, which he wrote for several years, about perfume and other things. It’s an e-book so I’ve already got it on my Kindle app.

 Gwen:        How timely, since we’ve both been writing about fragrances from new niche houses that were launched this year, and last year. Turin always has fascinating insights into fragrances. And he really is a go-to resource for frag reviews even if you don’t always agree with him. You know, I still go back to the book he wrote with Tania Sanchez, Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, even just to read his reviews of my favourite frags every so often. He’s a master at describing fragrance.

Kay:            I do, too. I keep my copy right on my desk for the very same reason.  Look, here in the article he says he welcomes perfume bloggers…

”The more the merrier. When it comes to opinion, I hope there’s ten times as many. For me, with the internet you get the whole range of opinions, which is very interesting. It doesn’t mean you have to read it all…”

Gwen:         Ah, now there’s something we can agree on. More bloggers give people more opinions and POVs, so they can make more informed decisions about what to try, and what to buy.

Kay:            Absolutely! Especially today when people aren’t tied to a signature scent, and want to explore all the great niche offerings out there. Can you guess which is my favourite part of the article?

Gwen:        I bet it’s the same as mine – when he describes the perfumes he’s brought to the tea party. And guess what? We’ve written about most of them – we own most of them - they’re listed in our Decant Store:

Sel Marin – Heeley

Knize Ten – Knize

L’Air du désert Marocain – Tauer Perfumes

Oud Velvet Mood – by Kilian

Portrait of a Lady – Frédéric Malle

Salome – Papillon Artisan

 Anubis – Papillon Artisan

 Futur – Robert Piguet

Ubar - Amouage

Kay:  You know what’s interesting about all of this? For all the effort and time he puts into writing about perfumes, he doesn’t seem to take it too seriously. He says:

“LT: The only bad thing about perfume is that it can ruin a dinner or a concert.”

Gwen:        He’s a humorous guy, but he’s right about that.

Kay:            Yup. There are few things more annoying than sitting next to a person wearing a scrubber. But in my book, that’s insignificant when weighed against the wonders of this invisible art, when a fragrance your nose smells and your brain perceives can lift your soul and take it soaring…

Gwen:        Don’t get me started - I could go on all day about these wonders….

Kay:            Which is why we’ll keep on writing about the fragrances we love…..

Gwen:        Write on!

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