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Nose-to-Nose - Viva Italia! - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo - Wikipeia - Amalfi, Italy, June 2006

Gwen: koh-meh stay?

Kay: What are you doing? What’d you just say?

Gwen: Learning to speak Italian. I just said 'How are you?'

Kay: Wow! This Italian phase you’re in is really taking a serious turn...

Gwen: It's not a phase. It's way of life, a way of living. Would you like a bellini?

Kay: Sure. What's that music we're listening to?

Gwen: Puccini. Wanna stay for dinner?

Kay: What’s on the menu?

Gwen: Linguini – with clams.

Kay: [Sigh] Sure, I'm in.

After dinner over glasses of limoncello:

Kay: You know, there's something to be said for this Italian way of living.

Gwen: Absolutely. I read somewhere that Italians love to experience life, and they love to share their experiences...

Kay: Well, they sure love their frags….and so do we! Just look at how many Italian fumes we have listed…we have old ones, new ones, vintage, designer, artisanal, natural, niche and ultra-niche, and they’re all fabulous.

Gwen: I think the first one I ever bought was in Florence at the Santa Maria Novella convent – it was Acqua di Colonia. Catherine de Medici’s wedding perfume, still made today by the nuns, and still gorgeous.

Kay: And the newest frags we’ve listed are also made by a woman, Maria Candida Gentile – her frags are so unusual and evocative, with names like Barry Lyndon and Exultat.

Gwen: Hold on a sec  - do you hear that?

Kay: Hear what?

Gwen: It sounds like a new sample pack being born...

Kay: Oh, look Gwen – it’s just beautiful!

Gwen: What's in it?

Kay: Six little decants! Italian decants! Let’s name it the “Viva Italia” Pack!


Introducing.....the "Viva Italia" Pack - 6 decants for $22.00  shipping!

Escale à Portofino – Dior – the essence of summer in Italy

Sicily – Memento – a spring day in southern Italy

Venezia – Laura Biagiotti – rich, sensuous, eternally beautiful, like Venice itself

Bottega Veneta – Bottega Veneta – a soft floral leather as chic and elegant as their leather bags

Exultat – Maria Candida Gentile – green and airy incense, full of light and sunshine

Uomo – Lorenzo Villoresi – made for men, worn by women, too – a drive through the Italian countryside


Gwen: You’re right, Kay. It IS beautiful…let’s break out the bubbly and toast our new "Viva Italia" pack!

Kay: With Italian frizzante, of course.


The “Viva Italia” Pack – 6 decants for $22 + shipping.