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Nose-to-Nose - Warm days, Cold nights - October 24, 2012

Photo - - A neighbour's Red Maple

Gwen: I hate autumn!

Kay: WHAT? A few weeks ago you were complaining about the unrelenting heat of summer! Now you’re complaining about fall?

Gwen: Sorry, I wasn’t being clear. I love autumn and its browns and golds and reds, and the feeling that we are transitioning to something deeper but it’s so schizo – some people are wearing bulky sweaters and boots and others are wearing T-shirts and shorts. I mean, are you wearing your Fall wardrobe yet?

Kay: Hardly...the days have been so warm – Monday was 19C/66F, tomorrow will be 22C, what's goin' on with this crazy weather - it's the end of October, for pete's sake! But since my hot-blooded husband refuses to turn on the heat until the end of October, the flannel sheets and down duvet are on the bed already. Nights are cold now!

Gwen: Yeah, warm days and cold nights are the best! No heavy coats, woolen hats or snow boots, and I can sleep in a perfect cool temperature. You know me, I'm always hot.

Kay: I'm kinda schizo when it comes to choosing frags though. I need ones that start cool for the warm days, and end up warm and cozy for the cool nights.

Gwen: And I'm just the opposite - I want frags that start warm, and end up cool. So what have you been wearing, what are your faves right now?

Kay: I've been loving Messages by Mariella Burani, green peppery and grassy at the start, woody, musky and warm in the base - those little hints of licorice that mix with the soft heliotrope make it so different and truly gorgeous.

Gwen: For a warm start and a cool finish, nothing compares to Poivre Piquant. That white pepper at the opening sure packs heat, but as it blooms, a floral accord of peony/rose appears and softens the spiciness making the scent cooler and more refined at the drydown. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

Kay: And I”ve been loving Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal – that fabuous green galbanum out of the bottle then warming up with spicy rose and iris, spiked with earthy leather. Then that dry-down - sandalwood, a creamy, woody incense note mixed with the slightest hints of dark vanilla and almond. Mmm...the sillage is full, rich, powdery, like being wrapped in warm soft silk.

Gwen: WoW!....and I can’t not mention Monocle Scent Two: Laurel. That blast of camphorous laurel at the start with a lemon/thyme accord that is fresh and green, warmed by pepper and while there’s patchouli, oak, incense and amber in the base, the eucalyptus aspect of laurel is always on show so it doesn’t get too warm. It’s just perfect.

Kay: Well, BFF, sure looks like we got a Fall sample pack.

Gwen: Yup…..the "Warm days, Cool nights” Pack – perfect scents for imperfect weather.

Kay: Or sane scents for crazy weather…or scents to keep you sane in crazy weather…or crazy beautiful scents for insane weather… or when the weather is psycho...

Gwen: Stop! I think you’ve had one too many spritzs. Maybe you should sniff some coffee beans.


The “Warm Days, Cool Nights” Pack – 4 decants for $15.00 + shipping, regular $18.00.

Heure Exquise – Annick Goutal

Messages – Mariella Burani

Monocle Scent Two: Laurel – Comme des Garçons

Poivre Piquant – L’Artisan Parfumeurs