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Nose to Nose - Water water everywhere - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Mavericks Surfing Competition 2012 - Shalom Jacobvitz, Feb.12, 2010

Kay: Did you notice on the celebrityscentguide website how many frags are cross-overs?

Gwen: Whaddaya mean crossovers?

Kay: Shared by both sexes, un-gendered...

Gwen: Well, of course, we've been talking about that for ages - people wear what they like, and wear what makes them feel good.

Kay: I read some research that says there are specific notes that appeal to everyone, like grass, as in Guerlain Vetiver  and leather, like in Cuoio.
Gwen:  And bacon. Everybody loves the smell of bacon. You know, if someone made a frag based on the smell of bacon, it would probably be a best seller. How does "Eau de Bacon" sound?  Speaking of "Eaus", have you also noticed that several of the new launches this year have "Eau" in their name?

Kay:  Now that you mention it, it does seem to be a trend. Is it a coincidence that Serge Lutens launched his "Eau" frag in 2011, which induced a panic attack in the perfume blog world , and then launched his "L'Eau Froide" this Spring.....and now there's a plethora of "Eaus?"

Gwen: Say that word again - I love it. You sound like Daffy Duck.

Kay:  Thank you....ple-thor-a.... one of my favourite words....but seriously, this watery frag trend is real. You just wrote about Parfums de Nicolaï’s L'Eau à la Folie.

Gwen: Well, eaus have always been around, they've just very haute right now.

Kay: Haute eau - hot water? [eyes rolling] Really? Seriously, I love these softer scents, and the timing is perfect because we're coming into what is predicted to be a long, hot summer. We're gonna need something to fight off the heat. We’re gonna need coolers.

Gwen: Oh, I love a good cranberry/vodka cooler….

Kay: Not that kind, the fragrance kind. You know, the perfumes you keep cool in the fridge and spritz with abandon all over. Just remember to put your clothes back on....

Gwen: And kill the buzz? Nah, I’d rather just keep the shades pulled…

 Kay: Whatever it takes to keep cool, what are your favourite frag "coolers"?
Gwen: Right now I looove the new Parfums de Nicolaï’s  L'Eau à la Folie  and my other go-to eau is L'Eau de Jatamansi from L'Artisan Parfumeur. How about you?
Kay: Well, I got my bottle of Serge Lutens L'Eau Froide in February so I'm dying to try it in the hot weather, and another is an eternal summer favourite Eau du Sud  by Annick Goutal. Say, Gwen, why don't we put 'em in a pack and let our readers try them?
Gwen: I knew you were leading up to this. They're gonna love 'em - just like we do! We'll call it the Water Cooler Pack!

Kay: Eau really?

Gwen: Eau yes!

The Water Cooler Pack- $14.00 + shipping, regular price $18.00.

L'Eau Froide

L’Eau Froide does not smell like water, or ice, it doesn’t smell clean. It smells pure. And cold. It smells exactly like cold incense. There's a hint of mint, bitter citrus which is peppery and burns like icy air. Then the scent becomes like cold air in a vast stone church, sweetening after a few hours into a skin scent with a hint of musk. Extraordinary, and so very different.

L'Eau à la Folie 
L'Eau à la Folie – peach and rose combined in a refined and elegant expression of summer – no harsh notes, no sharpness – a light summer fragrance. It doesn’t make my pulse quicken, it makes it slow down. The jangly, busy-ness stops and what replaces it is pleasure.

Eau du Sud
Eau du Sud - The first spritz releases a blast of intense lemon citrus, slightly bitter with bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper! Green basil and mint give it a smokey note, and a woody base softens it all. Grown-up, earthy and sensuous. It’s also a true unisex fragrance

L'Eau de Jatamansi
L'Eau de Jatamansi – citrusy and herbal, earthy and musty, this soudsn lie it should be heavy, instead it’s a light, chic sunny scent with a woody aromatic backbone that feels good to wear in the heat of summer.