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Note Series #14 – BOOZE

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Note Series #14 – BOOZE
We think that the scent of alcohol can be much more fascinating than the taste, especially if it’s joined with other notes to create spicy, woody, floral, or gourmand accords. White alcohols like vodka and gin appear with juniper, herbs and grasses, and more resinous notes, while the dark alcohols like rum and whiskey blend beautifully with lush florals or fruits, gourmand, and animalic notes. Whatever the infusion, the scent of a distinctive alcohol in a fragrance always demands our attention. Here are four of our favourite boozey fragrances, all very wearable by women or men:
Notes Series #14 – BOOZE – 4 1ml. decants, regular $20.00 for $16.00. Gift-wrapped.
Vodka – De Bachmakov – cool and woody and exotic
Created by Celine Ellena  at the Different Company, it opens with a cold blast of bergamot and alcohol – vodka with a twist – so bracing, so Russian. Soon the top notes fade and craie douce, that dry, soft mineral/musky/woody facet appears and stays to provide a backdrop for what comes next: a green, herby, minty note from shiso leaf and a gentle spiciness from coriander leaf. Very exotic. But De Bachmakov it gets better when freesia and jasmine show up and add a gorgeous floral dimension right at the heart and sets the stage for the base of warm, spicy nutmeg and piney, woody cedar, with that craie douce always playing in the background.
Gin – Juniper Sling – citrusy and peppery and warm
It opens with a blast of freshness from juniper berry – an intoxicating start! Cinnamon pumps up the spicy facet of the juniper, while the addition of orange brandy heightens its citrus aspect and adds a little boozy warmth. Angelica is here too, and it’s no surprise since angelica root and seeds are often used to flavour gin. It adds a peppery, herbal, earthy richness to the opening. Right off the top, Juniper Sling smells like good gin – a refined, fresh, complex concoction created by a deft hand, not some amateurish, homemade bathtub gin.
Rum – Idole de Lubin – salty/sweet and smoky and boozey
“Set the jungle on fire with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane, and as warm as leather.” - Olivia Giacobetti, creator of Idole de Lubin. Classified as a Spicy Oriental, Idole is made from components created in a hot, humid, tropical climate. Rum absolute, bitter orange, sugar cane, doum palm, spices, sandalwood, made by the heat, made for the heat. Idole de Lubin blooms and thrives in warmth, revealing nuances that make it totally irresistible, and unforgettable. Try setting your jungle on fire.
Whiskey – Spirit of the Glen – aromatic and earthy and velvety
Spirit of the Glen by Daivid Noltz of D.S. & Durga, was inspired by the legendary Glenlivet whiskey, and channels the same sense of heritage and quality, but it tells its own story of the Scottish Highlands – the smell of the mountains, the rivers, the damp earth, the heather, the woods, the misty air. A singular vision, pure ingredients, masterful craftsmanship, dedication to traditional methods, result in great single malt whiskey like The Glenlivet, as well as exceptional fragrances like this. If you wear Spirit of the Glen, you won’t reek of whiskey, your skin will smell earthy and herbal with a sweet/smoky waft. Awaken your senses in the Highlands.

Price: $16.00