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Note Series #24 – SMOKE


Smoke from wood fire, burning incense, smoky leather, black charcoal, hot tar, smoky tea, cigars and cigarettes, burnt sugar, barbecue smoke, spicy smoke, summer smoke, winter smoke, smells that are woven through our lives, part of our collective memory. Here’s a few to try, perfectly suited for both women and men.

Note Series #24 – SMOKE. Six 1 ml. decants for $23.00, regular $29.00.

Lonestar Memories – Tauer Perfumes – woody and smoky and rugged

On his web site Andy says that Lonestar Memories is: “An ode on birchtar: True and unique, rich and lasting. The scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire.”

Bandit – Robert Piguet – green and leathery and smoky

Bandit is a leather, a trail-blazing green smoky in-your-face leather perfume that smells like no other. But wait, there’s smoke, cigarette smoke in the background, the scent of jasmine and tuberose in a vase by last night’s ashtray. The smokiness segues into leather, leather and green, leather and florals, leather and vetiver and earthy oakmoss, leather and musk, it’s a sensual feast.

Bois d’Ascese – Naomi Goodsir – resinous and smoky and spicy

The one smell that bridges the inside world and the outside world at this time of year is smoke - the smoke from a fireplace that wafts through a house and rises up through the chimney and scents the cold, winter air outside.  This is the soul stirring experience that Bois d’Ascèse captures. Bois d’Ascèse is a soliflore of smoke and the smell of smoke is present throughout the development of the fragrance.

Habanita – Molinard – woody and smoky and floral

The story goes that Habanita was originally introduced as a scent for cigarettes, a weird but novel idea, and in 1924 Molinard launched it as a perfume. It opens startlingly green and woody, almost dry, but soon transforms into a cloud of tobacco, sweet Cuban cigar smoke. Just as you’re enjoying your cigar, it reveals a subtle spiced fruit accord, jammy but tart. The floral heart of lavender, white jasmine, peachy rose, and soft powdery heliotrope is never sweet, but seductive, feminine, smoky, and…sexy.

Incense Avignon – Comme des Garcons Series Three – smoky and earthy and spiritual

It opens with gorgeous notes of frankincense and myrrh – bitter, unique, cool. As it moves to the heart it gets smoky and woody. At the dry down vanilla adds a little sweetness and patchouli adds an earthiness. It's not a complex scent. It is the smell of an ancient stone church – cool stone walls, censers, smoke, wooden pews and kneelers -  earthy and musty.

Russian Tea – Masque Milano – smoky and aromatic and exceptional

Traditional Russian Caravan Tea gets its smoky quality through fermentation and mixing with other tea varieties such as Lapsang or Tarry Souchong. Russian Tea, the fragrance, has dry bitter smoky notes with hints of pepper, black tea leaves scattered with freshly crushed mint leaves, slightly sweet and deliciously aromatic. The dark smokiness is sweetened with maple-tinged immortelle and light florals, raspberry notes in the heart, then wafting notes of leather and smoke fade into soft incense on the dry-down. Warm and comforting, aromatic, so different, and just brilliant.


Price: $23.00