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Note Series #27 - GREENS

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Note Series #27 - GREENS
4 fabulous Green fragrances in 1 ml. decants
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“Galbanum resin has a very intense green scent accompanied by a turpentine odor. The initial notes are a very bitter, acrid, and peculiar scent followed by a complex green, spicy, woody, balsam-like fragrance. When diluted the scent of galbanum has variously been described as reminiscent of pine (due to the pinene and limonene content), evergreen, green bamboo, parsley, green apples, musk, or simply intense green.
Read more about galbanum, the fabulous green note that smells like Spring in our blog post.....Ah! galbanum - the classic green!
Balmain de Balmain - Pierre Balmain
Un Coeur en Mai - Parfums MDCI
Harricana - Monsillage
Maison Martin Margiela (Untitled) - Martin Margiela

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