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Note Series #3 – LEATHER


Note Series #3 – LEATHER

4 1 ml. decants for women and men for $16.00, regular $20.00. 

Cuir De Russie from Chanel – Leather and florals and smoke

The thing I love about Cuir de Russie, which actually means Russian Leather, is its "raw edge". As a feminine, it conjures a supremely confident woman, elegant, sexy, and smart. But, after the florals subside, Cuir de Russie conjures the uber-male. Funky animalics, civet and castoreum mix with the smoky leather, balsam and woods, making Cuir de Russie erotic. The dry-down with vanilla and amber transforms this rawness into a warm sensual skin scent for both sexes, an intimate aura of leathery, smoky, floral, earthy luxury. 

Cuir Mauresque from Serge Lutens – Leather and spice and florals

Serge Lutens usually has a  “surprise”note  and in Cuir Mauresque, it’s right up front. It’s the burnt styrax, the leather note, resinous and smoky, mixed with the aloe wood (oudh), sour and dusty. It forms a strange momentary accord which hovers then recedes, settling quietly under citrus notes of mandarin peel and blossoms mixed with the aromatic dark spices. Jasmine shines through, and then the leather heart starts to emerge and Cuir Mauresque transforms into a soft floral leather, a sueded leather that becomes your own skin, softened with amber and civet, scented with woods and incense. A personal scent.

Rhinoceros from Zoologist – Leather and wood and smoke

This is leather from top to bottom. A raw, dry and anilmalic astringent note of leather at the start that is potent, powerful and bold. The heart is a complex woody/leather/tobacco/oud accord that plays off opposites: rugged/refined, animalic/dignified and so peaceful powerful it will steal your soul. The woodiness extends to the base with vetiver and sandalwood, but the leather dominates and on me it gets smoky and sweet from amber.

Mon Cuir from Ramón Monegal – Leather and floral and musk

Mon Cuir opens with resinous, camphorous birch tar – the smell of leather sweetened by orange flower and gardenia. This interplay between the florals and leather is what makes Mon Cuir so exciting and unique. Patchouli at the base adds an earthiness while musk keeps the animalic vibe going and sandalwood gives it a smoothness without softening it. Mon Cuir does not rest – the leather doesn’t lighten or weaken yet it isn’t harsh or loud - it just gets more nuanced and more interesting as it evolves on your skin.



Price: $16.00