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Note Series #4 – ROSE


Note Series #4 – ROSE

Four 1ml. decants for $16.00. 

Rose Bohème by Providence Perfumes– Deep and earthy and exotic

Rose, rose, and rose. Spicy, pure, velvety. Turkish rose, rare white rose, and rose petal infusion. Not sweet, just deep, dark, Rose Bohème goes straight to my heart, stirring feelings of melancholy and yearning. The rose and patchouli soon cleave together so that the rich nectar of the rose notes and the earthiness of the patchouli make a warm, divinely dirty elegant accord, framed by the exotic oud and saffron. Perfection on female or male skin….


Lipstick Rose – By Frédéric Malle – Red and delicious and glam

Lipstick Rose smells glamorous. Violet and grapefruit in an unusual tart powdery accord soon give way to the luscious rose, full and rich and sweetened ever so slightly with raspberry, like expensive lipstick. As it dries down the sweet is tempered by salty earthy vetiver, and the red rose floral deepens with vanilla and warm amber so that it glows on the skin. Then musk adds sexy to the mix. A rich and delicious floral scent with glamour-chic sillage,  Lipstick Rose is like a big kiss, an exuberant smooch.


La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens – Luscious and dark and jammy

La Fille de Berlin opens with rose so deep, luscious and fleshy you could fall into it until a metallic tang from pink and black pepper breaks your fall. As it blooms, the rose gets thick, dark and jammy from red currant and blackberries while that metallic note shimmers lightly in and out of the background so that’s just shy of dirty, but bawdy enough to make you keep wanting to smell it.


Rose d`Amour by Les Parfums de Rosine – Green, rosy and spicy

One of the top rose scents made, it has an opening of sparkling aldehydes and citrusy bergamot warmed with aromatic ginger gives way to a velvety rose heart surrounded by earthy iris, exotic jasmine and narcissus, which to my nose smells slightly of urine. The experience is of a green/rosiness. At the base, spicy nutmeg and pepper warm up the florals, while oakmoss give it a vintage feel of this modern scent.

Rose d`Amour is a modern perfume (from the aldehydes) that has a vintage feel (from oakmoss) without being dusty, musty or fousy




Price: $16.00