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Note Series #7 – MYRRH

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Note Series #7 – MYRRH

Four 1ml. decants for $17.00, regular $21.00.

Myrrh is a resin from three species of the  Commiphora flowering plant family which has been used for millenia by Eastern and Western cultures. The word itself, “Myrrh” translates as “bitter”, and depending on the type of resin used by the perfumer - bitter, balsamic, or sweet – the myrrh note adds a luminous glow to dark Oriental scents, or creates a deep powerful story when used as the featured note in a fragrance. Myrrh is, simply put, a note that speaks to the soul. Here are four exceptional myrrh scents, each very different from the other.

Milano Caffè by La Via del Profumo – coffee and florals and woods

This elegant creation is all about the pleasurable experience of living with a beautiful scent.  Featuring dark coffee as its main note, it becomes warmer and comforting as it moves into the heart, where the main accord becomes dryer, more resinous and slightly sweeter from opoponax (sweet myrrh) and tonka bean, with its unmistakable mix of vanilla and chocolate. A light amber note makes Milano Caffè feel smooth, subtle balsamic wafts of woods and smoke, leather and incense add shadows, making Milano Caffè chic beyond words.

Myrrh Casati by Mona di Orio – spice and incense and sueded leather

Surrounded by green cardamom and golden saffron, two exotic  spice notes, and then wafts of black licorice, the myrrh note darkens into a layer of ominous mystery as the heart notes develop with a honeyed aspect. Incense and benzoin send up flares from their smoky embers. Herbal patchouli, then guaiac form a soft earthy oud accord which hovers in the background, and the basenotes swirl around the myrrh, creating a smoky haze. The distinct bittersweet myrrh note is pure and stunningly beautiful as it slowly fades into the far dry-down.

Myrrhiad by Huitième Art Parfums – Amber and black tea and leather

Sharp, bitter myrrh is at the opening and stays throughout the development of the fragrance as different facets of it are highlighted -sweetened with amber and rich, resinous aspects brought out by balsam, while black tea absolue gives it a smoky dimension, like burning incense. And just at this point, there is an animalic note of leather that contrasts so beautifully with the sweetness that proceeds it – Myrrhiad made me a myrrh addict.

Classic Opoponax by Von Eusersdorff – Amber and florals and dirty animalics

Opoponax, or sweet myrrh, has a sweet, warm and balsamic odour that is more fragrant than that of bitter myrrh. Here it is sweetened with amber, that threads through the fragrance. As it warms on the skin, lush rose and indolic jasmine bloom, adding a gorgeous floral aspect that never dominates but pulses through the resins. As it moves to the base, the opoponax seems to glow, as the fragrance is deepened by pungent animalic, castoreum and darkened by sweet, woody patchouli and made all creamy and smooth by vanilla. The drydown, is smooth, deep, rich, warm and sweet. Nuff said.




Price: $17.00