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Note Series #8 – VETIVER


Note Series #8 –VETIVER

4 – 1 ml. decants for $14.00, regular $17.00. 


Vetiver, or Chrysopogon zizanioides, is a grass native to India. It is cultivated for the essential oil that is distilled from its roots. An excellent fixative it is contained in 90% of western perfumes. Vetiver has an aromatic dry, woody scent which puts it in the ‘woody’ category.

But vetiver is so much more than that. Its verdant, rooty, earthy odour profile and its bitter, smoky facets make it a a favourite note here at perfumeniche, so here a four fragrances that show it off in all its aspects:

Vetiver by Guerlain – green and earthy and mossy

Vetiver was the first modern men’s scent released by Guerlain, and it was so good that Guerlain rolled it out globally, and it’s been a best-seller ever since. You get the wonderful green rooty vetiver right from the start. There are no extra notes, like florals, or licorice, or mint, to distract from the basic nature of the unique vetiver scent, but at the same time the vetiver story is told in such a brilliant way. Soft nuanced accords and facets are revealed and transition seamlessly - flashes of bright citrus and spice, wafts of green mossiness, a flicker of dark sweet tobacco. Just for men? I don’t think so.

Vétiver pour Elle by Guerlain – Green and floral and woody

This is a rare thing: a vetiver for women. It opens lovely, light elegance with bergamot and prganve bloom and a quiet note of vetiver that lasts throughout the development of the fragrance. As it blooms, honeysuckle, jasmine, lily of the valley and neroli surround the vetiver while nutmeg and pink pepper add warmth. At the base, vetiver becomes more pronounced - its woody facet highlighted by cedarwood, its grassy aspect hinted at and sweetened by Tonka bean – while musk keeps it smooth as suede.

Jil Sander Man by Jill Sander – Floral and woody and resinous

Jil Sander Man with its lavender and powdery violet opening is elegant, floral and sweet but definitely on the masculine side thanks to a note of peppery, spicy sage and a dry, woody and smoky note of vetiver. It’s the way the vetiver is used here that makes this fragrance a stand-out. At the base, the woodiness is deepened by cedarwood, while bitter, resinous myrrh makes it darker, pushed on by bitter, herbal, artemesia. Russian leather is softens any harsh pungency so that the drydown elegant and polished

Loup des Steppes by SAMA  - green and spicy and woody

This is a scent “linked to the earth element. Ginger and vetiver roots make it a grounding perfume. It makes men and women alike re-connect with their instinctive strengths.” This is a fragrance based on energy, which starts with a delicious rush of lemon and ginger. The lemon note transforms into green vetiver, and with the ginger it becomes a fresh spicy accord, earthy and aromatic. Into the heart, Loup des Steppes sweetens ever so slightly and then becomes more balsamic as the cedar and sandalwood notes develop. It’s so warm and inviting, uncomplicated and comforting and grounded, of this world, and in this world.







Price: $14.00