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Note Series #9 – TUBEROSE

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Note Series #9 – TUBEROSE

4 – 1 ml. decants for $15.00, regular $19.00. 

Fracas by Robert Piguet – lush and creamy and seductive

The classic reference for tuberose fragrances – a bold, dramatic, animalic scent masterpiece. A green, fruity opening that introduces  creamy, lush and fleshy tuberose note flanked by jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom, which emphasize the floral facets of tuberose over its menthol aspects. Tuberose is a difficult raw material to work with but here its lush creaminess is perfectly balanced with an herbal top note and a woody base. Body heat animates Fracas, enlivens it so that the drydown is lush, creamy, heady and seductive. There’s a reason why it is a classic

Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens – camphor/menthol and lush and creamy

Its calling card is a unique and defining opening of camphor/menthol. Wow! This camphor/menthol accord occurs naturally in tuberose but instead of restraining or refining it, perfumer Christopher Sheldrake just lets it be. It’s a good thing, too, because it’s this accord that makes Tubéreuse Criminelle unique and potent. As the top notes fade, the lush, fatty, creamy aspects of tuberose come forward, and stay centre stage, enriched by jasmine, orange blossom and hyacinth. Gorgeous on the skin and a tuberose must-have!

Beyond Love by Kilian – soft and floral and sexy
Created by Calice Becker, the notes include four kinds of tuberose, jasmine, as well as coconut, ambergris and musk. Basically a tuberose soliflore, Beyond Love has a refined modern trail, and the inclusion of the animalic base notes gives it a sexiness that is so appealing. This a soft natural-smelling tuberose that’s hauntingly beautiful.

Nuit de Tubereuse by L’Artisan Perfumeur – green and spicy and musky
This is not the big, white-floral “diva-style” tuberose. Nuit de Tubéreuse features something new from the tuberose palette. Bertrand Duchaufour has gone after the seductive, earthy green root, the hidden underside of tuberose. Fresh green notes like mango and citrus mix with pink pepper and spices, green cardamom and clove, a clever blend of hot and cold. The heart is the gorgeous tuberose floral accord which expands with Duchaufour’s signature base of woods, resins and vanilla with musk. This tuberose is a strong, intelligent, seductive scent, never intrusive or overwhelming.

Price: $16.00