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Notes Series #10 – INCENSE


4 - 1ml. decants for $19.00, regular $23.00. 

Incensi – Lorenzo Villoresi – green and balsamic and spicy

Incensi is a green incense, not smoky, or dark, or ethereal, but green and different. The drama of leafy notes and galbanum, mixed with the tart sweetness of apple and lemon, the balsamic note of elemi, the lime citrus of bergamot, and incense – what a strong and heady mix! Becoming sweeter and spicier in the heart, the incense quietly takes centre stage with creamy powdery sandalwood and hints of leather. Incensi opens large, and ends in a quiet peaceful place.

Jubilation XXV – Amouage – balsamic and sweet and woody

Jubilation XXV is a vibrant symphony of notes and accords created by Bertrand Duchaufour, whose signature note is incense . Opening with a uniquely tart aromatic accord of blackcurrent, citrus and spices, frankincense mixed with florals and spices shine in the heart. Rose, honey, sweet myrrh give way to beautiful basenotes - moss, cedarwood  oud, musk, patchouli, immortelle, patchouli, hints of ambergris and leather, join the chorus behind the majestic frankincense. Jubilation XXV is harmonious perfection, a symphony for the soul..

Incense Extreme – Tauer Perfumes – woody and balsamic and smoky

Incense Extrême is described as: Minimalist, intense, clear.  Built around a natural CO2 extract of Boswellia serrata, aka incense; it captures the roughness of the climate of the semi desert where Boswellia trees thrives. It is translucent like the first whiff of incense smoke from Boswellia resin on red gleaming coal. Yet, it is crisp like a night in the desert. With notes of cool orris root, coriander, and austere cedarwood, Incense Extreme is rich, deep  incense.

Ryder – Ex Idolo – balsamic and amber and woody

Ryder opens rich, warm and sweet from pipe tobacco. As it settles, I smell the whiskey, boozy and maple aspects of the pipe tobacco. A note of jasmine weaves trough the tobacco giving Ryder a floral lift before the dark woods, then the show-stopping Omani frankincense comes forward. Omani frankincense is the finest and rarest frankincense money can buy – it’s warm, woody, dry, resinous and balsamic. The frankincense, sweetened with deep resinous amber, makes Ryder rich and intense and deliciously narcotic. We cannot get enough of it.

Price: $19.00