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Notes Series #18 – GRASS


The Grass Note

The smell of grass, brand new or fresh-cut, the distinctive natural note that is evocative of all living plants. Grass is the magic ingredient in fresh and green fragrances for men and women, usually combined with herbal or floral or wood notes, and adds a soft vegetal sweetness that can be creamy, or dry, or earthy.

Notes Series #18 – GRASS

Four 1 ml. decants for $15.00, regular $19.00.

Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal – citrusy and grassy and woody

Ninfeo Mio was inspired by the idea of the mythical Garden of the Hesperides – Hera’s orchard in the far west, which the nymphs tended. It opens with a citrus blast from Italian lemons and bitter orange combined with a warm peppery note. As this fades a gorgeous green note appears – no doubt about it – we are in a garden. A note of fig appears and softens the green and sweetens the lemon, while giving it a creaminess. What makes this really spectacular is the final drydown -  lavender and woody/grassy lentisque envelop the citrus in a soft herbal cloud, and settle it down on a bed of soft musk and satinwood.

Amyitis by Mona di Orio – grassy and creamy and extraordinary

Amyitis opens fresh and green, with a quiet spicy herbal undertone mixed with sweet-sappy, milky-vegetal grass notes.  The accord takes on a watery limpid quality, unusual and exotic, but at the same time soft and inviting. Earthy iris and green violet add to the natural-garden effect, then shifts to a darker weightier landscape. In the base, cedar and amber add richness, oakmoss adds heft, and when saffron joins the mix, the green wafty scent transforms into rooty fertile perfume.The sappy green grass note comes back smelling slightly fermented, boozy and reckless in the dry-down. The scent of Amyitis is extraordinary and stirs my soul, reminding me of my love of nature.

Bayan Mulak by Sigili – Green and resinous and serene

Bayan Mulak opens with a clean, citrusy lemon note that leads to the smell of cut grass, beautifully herbaceous, green and just a little sweet. There is the lovely scent of wildflowers weaving through the grass note that softens the greenness with a gentle floralcy. As it warms on the skin, the smell of pine needles, resinous and woody, comes forward and leads to a woody heart of pine-scented softwoods. Bliss. The base is animalic and smooth from musk. The drydown is the clear, soft skin scent of an expansive landscape, quietly rich and serene. It wears beautifully on my skin.

Comme des Garçons Series 1: Leaves: Calamus by Comme des Garçons – green and milky and earthy

Calamus is a tall grassy plant, a type of wetland bamboo whose leaves and roots have been used for centuries by all cultures around the world. Walt Whitman added a section called the "Calamus" poems to the third edition of Leaves of Grass (1860)…calamus is used as a symbol of love, lust, and affection (Wikipedia)....

Comme des Garçon’s Calamus is green, but an unconventional green. The notes are bamboo leaf, celery grains, angelica root, rose berries. Opening slightly dry and citrusy, it soon softens to a milky green scent that smells like crushed leaves, mixed with mud and wet stones. Mud morphs into iris, a haunting vegetal scent like no other, with a hint of bitter chocolate. Calamus remains milky and soft and green, the scent of outdoors, savoury with sweet, soft and contemplative.  This is Nature in a bottle.


Price: $15.00