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Notes Series #5 – VANILLA


Notes Series #5 – VANILLA
4 - 1ml. decants for $16.00, regular $20.00.

Parfum Sacré by Caron - Woods and peppery spice and florals
Not a vanilla fragrance per se, but the vanilla note here is a sweet, opulent spine that supports warm pepper, spiced with mace and cardamom, roses, jasmine and bitter myrhh. Parfum Sacré is a lush, creamy oriental – thanks to vanilla - that’s perfect for the weeks before and after Christmas.

Vanilla Marble by Agonist – Coconut and almond and suede
This is a sublime vanilla scent. It is vanilla without the sugar, like a distant memory from a tropical paradise, a grown-up version of the vanilla note that feels very contemporary and of the moment. It wears extremely close to the skin, which makes this Agonist scent perfect for vanilla lovers who can covetously sniff their wrists throughout the day, as well as ideal for those who are simply vanilla likers, and prefer to be teased rather than overwhelmed by this distinctive note.

Kise Me Tender by Parfums de Nicolai – Almond and heliotrope and myrhh
Almond and vanilla punched-up with lemon form a wonderful opening accord in this haunting feminine fragrance.  Anise adds a green dimension to the sweetness that leads into the heliotrope and soft white florals heart. In the dry-down, vanilla, musk and sweet myrhh reduce the floral intensity, making it smooth and deeper. In the end, vanilla and the musky almond are soft yet still spiced and tempting, and pull you in for another kiss of tenderness.

Noir Exquis by L’Artisan – Coffee and maple syrup and coconut
Chestnuts, orange, coffee and the sweet/savoury odor profile of maple syrup – Noir Exquis smells delicious and passes my test for a gourmand fragrance: the urge to lick it off my skin. Noir Exquis keeps its sweetness perfectly balanced as it moves to the base where I get a lovely hint of coconut and lush, creamy vanilla – they key to its familiar, comforting and welcoming Beauty. The drydown isn’t foodie or heavy, but radiant, refined and elegant.

Price: $16.00