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Outside - Bite me – NOT! - June 28, 2013 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikimedia Commons - US Wartime Poster, c. 1941-1945


When would you EVER spend $100 on a mosquito repellant?


1) when your skin is a mosquito magnet, an all-you-can-eat buffet for bugs that love blood

2) when mosquito bites swell up like golf balls and  itch insanely for days, making you scratch like a dog with mange

3) when it’s also a lovely perfume.

If you’re allergic to mosquito bites, like I am, you know that summer can be pure torture. 95 degrees and 95% humidity? Outdoor wedding? Patio party? Barbecue at the cottage? Oh, oh, here we go….what to do about the bugs at these summer soirées. There are a few options:

  1. Use drugstore repellants all over your body – very toxic, very stinky, and not trendy
  2. Cover up from ankles to wrists to chin, wear socks and  ankle boots, a large-brimmed hat with veil, and gloves - too weird,  and socially alienating, not to mention extremely hot, and well, just weird
  3. Take an extra-strength anti-histamine – too extreme, and socially uninhibiting, not to mention embarrassing when you pass out after the wine and nibblies
  4. Stand beside a citronella candle – too dangerous, and they don’t work anyway. Darn bugs have built up an immunity.
  5. Don’t go to summer soirées

I’ve tried all of these options over the years, plus some traditional aromatherapies, like lavender and oregano oils, with limited success, and I really don’t like to miss out on a good time, so when I read about a niche fragrance that also works effectively as a bug repellant, I made a bee-line for the Mac and ordered a bottle pronto.

It’s called Outside and it was created by Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume. Brosius is the perfume artist who founded Demeter, a fragrance line famous for scents such as Dirt, Snow, and other off-the-wall scents. His current company, CB I Hate Perfume, truly reflects  his unique perfume philosophy and approach to creating scents. His reality-based scents reflect his own life experiences, and call up memories and images of time and place for anyone who runs their nose past the top of the bottles. We've listed two of our CBIHP favourites, Violet Empire and Black March.

Christopher Brosius created Outside, which was just recently launched in 2013 as a Limited Edition, because he hates bugs, particularly mosquitoes.

From his website:

"So this perfume began in 1992 as a bug repellant for me when I lived in the country. I knew from my research that one of the principal reasons plants produce their essential oils is to protect themselves from insects and I discovered several essential oils that were particularly effective to protect me from insects as well. The challenge then became to blend these various oils so that they truly smelled like perfume. Which, after a period of experimentation, is just what I did.

CB OUTSIDE was first introduced in my gallery back in 2005 and has proved very popular ever since. So popular in fact that many have asked me to do it as an actual perfume. So I have. This version in my ready-to-wear collection is deeper and richer than the original but still keeps away bugs.

People are often astonished that something that smells so good can actually work in keeping flying pests away. But it does. From Connecticut to Cambodia, OUTSIDE keeps people from being eaten alive and smelling fabulous.”

And you know what? He’s absolutely right. Outside works AND it smells wonderful. The listed notes are lavender, geranium, patchouli, cedarwood, bergamot and a touch of oregano, and I can smell the lavender and geranium mixed in a lovely accord with the bergamot, right out of the bottle. I get a whiff of old potting shed and freshly dug garden, wet and earthy, and then it becomes aromatic, herbal, with a fresh outdoorsy invigourating feel to it that makes me feel great! Not long after the intial spritz, Outside starts to take on a woody vibe which warms the accord beautifully with the addition of mild patchouli.

This all happens quickly, so that this water-based scent doesn’t so much as “develop” with a lengthy dry-down, as simply just “appear”, as in  “Here I am, I’ve come to protect you from the blood-sucking beasts for a few hours, and I’ll make you smell really good at the same time!” The soft herbal scent of Outside, which has a nice contained sillage and is void of any floral sweetness, really does last for several hours, and so does the bug protection. No swarms, no bites for the two hours I was outside on the deck this past evening.

So $100 for a mosquito repellant works for me, because it WORKS. $100 for a really lovely natural–smelling perfume is a no- brainer. The fact that they’re in the same bottle is just a fabulous bonus.


Today, we’re adding Outside to our Decant Store. Decants are $4.00.