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Péché Cardinal­ – C’est mon péché mignon (It’s my weakness) – August 16, 2013 New fragrance Listing

A Jar of Peaches - Claude Monet, 1846 - New Masters Gallery, Dresden

Honestly, the things you learn when you love perfume. Like the French word peche, for example. After putting on my glasses and consulting my ancient copy of LaRousse, I learned this:

la pêche = peach

le péché= sin

la pêche = to fish (aller à la pêche - to go fishing)

The same sound, but very different things, n’est-çe pas, simply because of a little symbol over a letter or two. I love the French, and their obsession with subtlety, and their delight in confusing Anglos.

I learned that this subtle word play totally relates to the Parfums MDCI perfume, Péché Cardinal, which I found languishing at the back of one of my perfume shelves last week. Out it came, and I’ve been wearing Péché Cardinal all week, loving every second of its fruity lushness, loving its fresh tuberose waft that makes me feel young and flirty.

The name translates as Cardinal Sin, but the péché is also a pêche, because this fragrance, launched in 2009 and created by Amandine Marie, has an amazing fresh-off-the-tree peach note that is totally captivating. Sunny, juicy, and so real – I know this because I just bought a basket of perfectly ripened peaches at our farmer’s market and their golden fragrance is filling my kitchen right now– this peach takes my breath away in the first few seconds. The peach is joined by nutty-milky coconut and then blooms into beautiful lush accord when joined by tuberose, a fresh tuberose that is captivatingly light and airy, and which forms the heart of Péché Cardinal.

With notes of blackcurrant, prune and lily added to the mix, the heart becomes a little more rich and complex, but the peach and tuberose combo remains dominant, thankfully, which keeps Péché Cardinal bright and joyous – no dark sulky divas in this frag. The sillage is perfection, as is the longevity. As the scent winds down the peach-tuberose accord shifts into a softer musk version with woody undertones from sandalwood and cedar, which add a cushiony warmth.

Is Péché Cardinal a peach fragrance, or a tuberose fragrance? There’s that French subtlety at play again…it’s whichever you want it to be. I can just tell you that it’s incredibly enticing, luscious and classy, all at the same time. Is wearing it a cardinal sin? Not on your life! What would be a serious sin is to own a bottle of this gorgeous, sexy, fragrance and never wear it.

I’ve seen the error of my ways. I’ll never sin again.

Péché Cardinal is SOLD OUT. Decants are $0.00 for 1 ml.