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Paper Passion – Like dipping into a new book - August 6, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

Photo: - August 2012

Every once in a while the creation of a new fragrance sets the blogosphere a-buzz. Take Paper Passion perfume, for example. The collaboration of Karl Lagerfield, Wallpaper* magazine, publisher Gerhard Steidel, and nose Geza Schoen on the creation of this frag has everyone, not just perfume bloggers, hitting the keys. Just look at what people are saying at the CBC or Huffington Post. Even Kay and I have gotten in on the action - read about it here.

Here’s what Fragrantica has to say about it:

"The new and unique perfume, Paper Passion, was created with an intention to reinterpret the characteristic scent of freshly printed books while accentuating passion for paper and combining several arts – literature, design and perfumery. Cooperation between the prominent designer, avant-garde perfumer, publisher and manufacturer brought about a complex fragrant and artistic performance. The perfume was inspired by a line of leaflets by German publisher Gerhard Steidel and the movie 'How to Make a Book with Steidel' where he mentions his favorite scent – the scent of freshly printed books. Gerhard Steidel has been in book printing and publishing for 40 years.
The possibility of celebrating and glorifying the book as a work of art but also its characteristic chic scent that should relax and reach in each of us a certain amount of concentration and meditation, just like when we read books….”

The concept had so much appeal that I bought a bottle, and are you gonna be glad that I did!

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure I must tell you that I am largely immune to packaging, presentation and gimmicks. I have never bought a frag cause the bottle is cute nor have I not bought a frag cause the bottle is ugly. Packaging never influences my buying decision – the fragrance does.

But with Paper Passion the presentation is all part of the experience. It comes in a grey box, with a red bellyband around it. Break open the band, open the box and you find a book. Open the book and there is an article about paper by Karl Lagerfeld, followed by a beautiful poem called ‘Scents’ by Günter Grass, then there is an article by Geza Schoen, one by Tony Chambers, Editor-in-Chief of  Wallaper* magazine and then, finally, there are red pages. The centre of these pages have been cut out in the shape of a perfume bottle, and therein lies the bottle of Paper Passion, like a treasure in a treasure box.

To get to the fragrance you have the experience of paper – you have to touch paper, you have to read about a paper, and you have the actual scent of a freshly opened book – paper, ink, glue - to prime you for the smell of Paper Passion perfume itself. For me, the presentation is no gimmick because it really is intended to allow you to experience paper on so many sensory levels – and it succeeds. As for the fragrance, well, I’ve been wearing it for days now and catching a whiff of this lovely frag on and off through out the day, makes my day.

Paper Passion opens with the slight chemical/medicinal note that new paper has - it smells clean and yet familiar. Osmanthus adds a fruity, floral fattiness to it. As it blooms it gets woody – after all paper is made from wood – on me there is a gorgeous woody amber note with a piney/balsamic aspect. Out of nowhere comes an ozonic facet that reminds me of the puff of air from a turning page. At the base, there’s an animalic note from musk, which also adds warmth. The drydown is woody, soft and subtle – close to the skin, it is best experienced up close and personal.

Paper Passion is a totally original fragrance that smells like a new book – not a musty old book or a library - but was designed to be a chic, wearable perfume that brings pleasure to those who wear it. I like to think of it as something I can dip into over and over again, like a new book.

Today, we’re adding Paper Passion to our decant listing. Decants are $4.00.