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Paris Roses Enchantées – The promised kiss of springtime - April 22, 2013 New fragrance Listing


Ahh, 1983, what a year that was! Michael Jackson performed his moonwalk for the first time on the Motown 25 TV special; the lowest temperature on Earth is recorded in Vostok Station, Antarctica with −89.2 °C and Yves Saint Laurent launched his classic perfume called Paris. Say what? Launching a perfume makes the list of events for 1983? Here on it does.

Inspired by the city he loved, YSL charged nose Sophia Grojsman with the task of creating a fragrance that expressed that love. Grojsman, known for her rose-based fragrances created a real beauty here with a fruity opening, lush rose at the heart softened with violet and BIG, just like everything about the 80’s was. For a long time it seemed like everyone was wearing it.

Flash forward to 2002. The Gucci Group, which acquired the YSL brand, introduced the first annual limited edition flanker to Paris, called Paris Eau de Printemps that year, followed in 2003 by Paris Premieres Roses and Paris Roses des Bois in 2004. These frags were nice enough, but they didn’t send any triggers to the purchasing department of my brain. Then, in 2005 Paris Roses Enchantées was launched and - BINGO! - we had a winner. I bought a bottle and then a few days later I bought another one. It’s the only way around the ‘limited edition’ trap!

Paris Roses Enchantées opens with fragrant garden roses – the kind grown in public gardens in Paris. The ones that only bloom once a year, in spring, and for a while their perfume fills the air. Orange blossom is here too, light, delicate, slightly citrusy and sweet while violet adds its own powdery, soft, sweetness. As it blooms, the roses stay, but are joined at the heart by a lovely, fruity apricot note and the spring smell of lilac. Another popular garden plant, Lily of the Valley -  watery, green and aldehydic - adds another floral dimension to the juice. This floral bouquet rests on a base of white musk and sandalwood.

Spray it on your wrist and it dries down to an armful of spring flowers, mostly roses, with a hint of fruit, soft musk and sandalwood. It is as delicate as spring - there is no jammy apricot, no deep, dark rose, no heavy wood notes - while still having depth and dimension.

Roses enchantées means ‘enchanted roses’ and Paris Roses Enchantées is the scent of spring roses enchanted with violet, apricot, lilac, and Lily of the Valley, that breaks winter’s harsh spell.

Paris is one of my favourite frags and I still wear it. But it is big and sometimes I don’t want a big Paris. Sometimes I want a Paris of enchanted roses.

Today, we're adding Paris Roses Enchantées to our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00.


NB: This was a limited edition fragrance that has been discontinued and is no longer available.