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Patchouli Ardent


Originally launched in 2020, as part of Guerlain's Absolus d'Orient Collection, Patchouli Ardent is an interpretation of the multifaceted patchouli plant.

It opens with a bracing note of black pepper along with a burst of pink pepper. The peppers are warm and spicy, and the earthiness of the black pepper plays beautifully off the rosy, green facets of the pink pepper. A note of fig amplifies the green and adds a jammy sweetness to the opening. Now, the stage is set for patchouli. This is not dark, heavy patchouli; this is the fresh, green light and airy aspect. A note of balsamy cedar gives it a headiness as a glorious note of Turkish rose blooms. The rose is rich and floral, sweet and sensuous. The pairing of patchouli and rose is a classic one, but it's made new in Patchouli Ardent because as the fragrance evolves, so too does the patchouli. Where it was green, it now becomes sweeter, a little woody and radiant. This patchouli/rose combo is utterly disarming. At the base, the patchouli changes again as it deepens. A leather accord, smelling very oud-ish, brings out an animalic facet of the herb, while amber adds warmth and depth and hints at its sweet side. A note of musk joins the leather accord to give the fragrance a smooth, elegant finish.

Patchouli Ardent is another stunner from Guerlain. A gorgeous interpretation of the many facets of patchouli - fresh, luminous, animalic – that's unexpected. Every note and nuance is perfectly balanced It making Patchouli Ardent a pleasure to smell and to wear. But for me, the standout is that patchouli/rose combo. The way these two notes connect and affect each other makes this EdP perfect for both men and women.

And that freshness and luminosity make it a patchouli fragrance for any season.

Notes: Fig, pink pepper, black pepper, patchouli, cedar, Turkish rose absolue, leather accord, musk and amber

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Thierry Wasser


Price: $6.00