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Patchouli Patch - Respect is due

Ohmigod, she’s writing about a patchouli perfume! Get me outta here! But hold on, folks....... before you blindly click to another page, take a few moments and listen to what I have to say........

I think patchouli’s been given a bum rap. Comments in perfumeblogland treat patchouli very shabbily: “No one likes patchouli”, or “skanky patchouli”. People are even downright nasty: “I can’t stand patchouli”, or “I HATE patchouli!” In short, for such an important perfume note as patchouli, this lack of respect is disgraceful, and it has to stop - NOW! (I feel much better getting that off my chest.)

The problem as I see it, is that in North America we all associate patchouli as the head-shop scent, the dirty hippie vibe - cheap patchouli oil, heavy, sweet, sour, stale and musty. The high grade patchouli oil used in quality fragrances is much different, and it’s used a lot in the perfume industry - in fact, it’s used as a base note in over one-third of all perfumes. Why? ….because the thick distilled oil is an excellent fixative, binding other components together, so that they hold their scent, or a specific accord, longer. I bet the patchouli dissers don’t even know that some of their favourite fragrances have the patchouli note in them.

So the good stuff smells great – pure, earthy, herbal and aromatic – like in the fragrance Patchouli Patch from L’Artisan. Introduced in 2002, Patchouli Patch is, first of all, by Bertrand Duchaufour (need I say more?) and Evelyne Boulanger; second, an extremely refined take on the patchouli note, and third, one of the best patchouli fragrances you’ll ever find, totally unlike any others. The note list is short: osmanthus, patchouli, white musk, anise, spice.

The top starts with peachy/citrusy osmanthus introducing a simple, slightly sweet patchouli accord. No heavy amber notes here to muddy up the herbal patchouli, it stands out clear and pure, naked and beautiful. The dry-down into the heart continues in this simple manner, mixing in the next note of white musk which settles the patchouli on the skin like a cashmere blanket. The base notes of anise and spice inject a cool woody accord, typical of Duchaufour drydowns, ethereal and quiet, like the arrival of cool purple air at dusk. At the end, a hint of patchouli is still there, but just a whisper.

I’ve seen L’Artisan’s Patchouli Patch referred to as the “patchouli hater’s patchouli”. Maybe it is, since the pure note in this fragrance is so different and unrecognizable from the mass perception of “skanky” patchouli, that it slides right by the prejudiced memory banks of the PH-ers. But for those who love patchouli, (and there are many - we just don’t write about it), who recognize and respect the true character of this ancient herb, Patchouli Patch is the “patchouli lover’s patchouli”. It gets to the heart of the note, lays it bare and exalts its beauty with a quiet ease.

I think Patchouli Patch is a true classic, an incredibly sophisticated scent, seductive and addictive, a scent that settles on your skin and stays for a long visit. The sillage is perfection itself. It’s one of “those” perfumes…….you know, those perfumes that make people ask ‘What are you wearing?”

So after reading this blog, after you buy a sample and try it, and then buy a bottle, and then start wearing it all the time like I do, when that happens, when someone asks you what you’re wearing, and you tell them Patchouli Patch, and you see the shock and disbelief on their face -  just tell them that patchouli’s been given a bum rap, and send them to to read this blog.

You’ll have done your bit to bring patchouli the love and respect it truly deserves.

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Why all the hating?

Kay, you are so right! Patchouli is a much-maligned scent.

We've got to give it the love it deserves!

Great post!

Re: Why all the hating?

Thanks for the feedback!
I don't know why people love to diss patchouli - I chalk it up to inexperience, lack of curiosity, or being stuck in rigid attitudes.
I used to not like white florals, especially tuberose scents - gagged me. Then one day Gwen stuck my nose in Serge Lutens' Tuberose Criminelle without telling me what it was, and a whole new world opened up! Hallelujah! I have seen the light, and it is a giant white tuberose!!
Same with patchouli for some people - you gotta keep sniffin' until you get the "AHA!' moment.

I Love Patchouli

There are some of us who find patchouli heavenly. I hope you have other patchouli perfumes that you will talk about.

I bought some samples from you and really liked the handmaps. You guys are cheaper than other sites and have great perfumes!

RE: I love Patchouli

And we've only started - our collections are big and growing, so there's lots more to come, including more heavenly patchoulis!!!
Glad you like the Handmaps - we use them all the time, since we like to try a lot of samples in one sitting. More fun that way!

new patchouli frag from Molinard

I can't wait to try this one: Patchouli Intense from Molinard. I am wearing Habinita by the same frag company - just divine!

Let us know if you guys get a whiff of it, even if you can't offer samples. It would be great just to hear your impressions.