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Pohadka – I spritzed, I sniffed, I swooned, I bought….- November 26, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

CD Cover showing 'Pohadka' by Janáček

A couple of weeks ago I was in NYC just for a few days and just for fun. Took in some jazz, ate some great food and of course, visited some great perfume shops. Aedes de Venustas is a must-see and I could and have spent hours in MiN but my new fave niche perfume haunt in NYC is Osswald.

Big, bright and inviting Osswald was built for browsing and buying perfumes. Notes are marked on the display bottles, staff is great, helpful but not intrusive and their decants come in lovely little muslin bags. And, they carry some great brands - Pierre Guillaume, Parfumerie Générale, Huitième Art, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Six Scents, Profumum Roma, Parfums de Nicolaï among others. But was I was on the hunt for was the new Swiss perfume line YS.UZAC.

YS.UZAC, pronounced ‘isuzak’ was launched in 2011 by former concert cellist and self-taught nose, Vincent Micotti. Currently there are four fragrances in the line: Lale, Monodie, Métaboles and Pohadka. I tried them all that day, but after all the spritzing, sniffing and swooning was done, I walked out with Pohadka.

According to the YS.UZAC website, Pohadka is a marriage between the ephemeral moment of the breathtaking scenery at an autumn night in Lavaux vineyard terrace - the hometown of creator - and the magnificent music composition from the visionary composer Janacek, named Pohadka - “fairy-tale”.

Leoš Janáček was fascinated by Russian culture and based Pohadka on the epic Russian poem The Tale of Tsar Berendyey. However, the unique structure of music gave the composition a veiled quality. In effect, he interpreted a rich cultural work in a softer way while still maintaining its integrity.

In the same way, Micotti takes a deep rich note, in this case tobacco, and surrounds it with other notes that lighten and enhance the tobacco without compromising it.

Pohadka opens with aromatic, pungent shiso leaf smelling herbal, green and minty along with sweet vernal grass which adds notes of hay and vanilla. Tobacco shows up, but it’s not the rich deep smell you’re expecting. The tobacco note here is blond tobacco which is lighter in body and has more floral undertones than black tobacco. The floral aspects are played up beautifully by jasmine and really forms the heart of the scent. Labdanum gives it a resinous richness, davana gives it a dried fruit sweetness, while immoretelle shows off its licorice aspect. Liatrix warms it up and gives it powderiness. At the base, there’s a musty, dirty note from sage, a rich animalic note from leather and exotic sweet vanilla.

Wow! That is some list of notes, and a lot of heavy sounding ones – resin, leather, tobacco - yet Pohadka isn’t heavy or dark at all. Any heaviness is lifted by the floral and green notes giving Pohadka a sheerness that is the like the veiled quality of Janáček’s work.

Pohadka is a beautifully balanced tobacco scent that is unique, but not weird or bizarre. It can be worn anywhere and anytime, but I like to wear it in autumn, the season that inspired it.


Today, we’re adding Pohadka to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00.