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Launched 2011 in as part of Jovoy’s Parisian Perfumer collection, Psychédélique is a patchouli beauty.

Of Psychédélique, the Jovoy website says: This 'revival' perfume pays homage to the '70s, the decade that transformed patchouli into the legendary scent of the counterculture. At all the festivals, from Wight to Woodstock, patchouli's woody and mysterious richness sang the backup vocals for the rock mindset of a new generation of rebellious youth. Today, it has made its comeback, more hippie chic than ever and the boho-glam idol par excellence. It is a classic in its own right, with all of its audacity intact. Retro-nostalgia has never been so modern.

Psychédélique opens fresh and tart with a note of nose-tingling citrus followed by a punch of ambery labdanum. As it quietens down, the citrus fruits become jammy and sweeter as a potent note of patchouli appears dark and smoky, yes, but also leathery, woody, earthy, spicy, sweet and camphourous it. A quiet OMG leaves my lips. The patchouli quickly moves to the sidelines to allow the nuances of its facets to shine before it blends with the sweet amber, which coaxes up a delicious chocolate facet of the patchouli. At the next stage, the patchouli is lightened and rounded by rose and geranium before settling into a smoky, warm, earthy hum, sweetened by creamy vanilla and softened by musk at the base.

At the drydown, Psychédélique becomes more of a skin scent on me - refined, sophisticated, and beautifully seductive with its come-close siren call — a truly wearable patchouli fragrance.

Notes: citrus, rose, geranium, amber, patchouli, cistus labdanum, vanilla, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Jacques Flori


Price: $6.00