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Ralph Lauren Blue – Early morning in the garden – June 3, 2016

Ralph Lauren Blue EdT -

“What a perfect morning!” he said, holding his cup carefully while sliding the screen door to step onto the back deck. “Smell that air! There’s nothing like the smell of nature in the early morning.”

“Especially at this time of year”, I said. “Lilac, peony, and iris are blooming.”

He stood and surveyed the back garden. “It smells so fresh out here – I smell flowers for sure, but I think I actually smell the dew on the grass, and on all the green stuff.”

“You do …smell the dew. Absolutely. It has a soft watery sweet scent.”

“And earthy. Nature’s summer perfume. Mmm…this coffee smells really good this morning, too. How about some breakfast? I’ll cook.”

And that was that, the end of our scent discussion. But it got me thinking about seasonal scents, the fragances that seem to be perfectly matched to a particular time of year. What fragrance would be perfect for right now as we move into the summer solstice?

As I sat and sipped my coffee and waited for breakfast to appear, I mentally scanned my perfume shelves, looking for familiar summery scents, grasses and greens and citruses, herbals and aquatics, and soft florals. Jo Malone’s Nasturtium & Clover, and Lime Basil & Mandarin, Carven Ma Griffe,  Eau d’Italie Jardin du Poete, Lost M’arch Iroaz, Ralph Lauren Blue.

Ralph Lauren Blue? I haven’t worn that fragrance for ages, but I could clearly picture the classic square transparent blue bottle with the rounded shoulders and silver cap that sits on the corner of my “vintage” shelf. I bought it in 2003 when it launched and loved it for a couple of years until I fell into the deep end of the perfume pool and began to explore niche perfumes. Off I went upstairs to my perfume shelves to spritz a little RL Blue, and re-live some old memories.

Ralph Lauren Blue is a soft floral with aquatic and green undertones, and it has a transparent freshness that, to my nose, smells just like a summer garden after a rain shower. It starts light and sparkly with aldehydes which fade quickly, leaving a yeasty steamy effect which soon morphs into a bouquet of delicate white flowers – lotus, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, peony, and gardenia, with the jasmine and lily-of-the valley dominant. The scent is fresh and floral, but soft and feminine with a gentle soothing waft.

In the heart, the white florals deepen and are sweetened slightly by rose, tuberose, and orange blossom, still balanced by the fresh notes, and the base wraps the floral accord in a sensuous blanket of sandalwood, musk, ambrette seed, green vetiver and earthy oakmoss, adding rich warmth to the cool flowers. Like the top notes, the dry-down is delicate but the fresh aquatic vibe has been subdued with a powdery and mossy-woodsy musk accord which plays on the skin for hours. Memories of wearing Blue to bed and waking up to the soft scent of rain-kissed flowers in a mossy garden make me promise myself I’ll spritz a little before I climb between the sheets tonight.

Ralph Lauren Blue is quite simply a lovely and uncomplicated feminine floral, much in the vein of La Chasse aux Papillon by L’Artisan, but less sweet, and with the added intrigue of the green aquatic fresh accord which makes it so interesting, and which is one of the reasons I still love it. It is such a beautiful fragrance to wear in warmer weather, cool and watery, and on my skin the musky dry-down has a tantalizing subtle waft which, I recall, invariably brings a compliment from someone.

“Breakfast is ready.” I went downstairs to the back deck and sat down to a delicious omelette.

“That garden still smells wonderful” he said. “Or is that you? Did  you just put perfume on? What are you wearing now?” he asked, refilling my cup.

“Oh, I just tried a spritz of an old favourite I’ve kept in my collection. It’s a special summer fragrance”.

“It smells like that one you used to wear a few years ago. The one you said smelled like rain in a garden. Blue something…”

“Ralph Lauren Blue”.

“Yeah, that one.”

Sometimes he just astounds me.


Ralph Lauren Blue is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $4.00 for 1 ml.

Note: One of the earlier Ralph Lauren creations, Ralph Lauren Blue has been discontinued but is still available on-line for a reasonable price, although the formula likely has been changed somewhat.  My bottle is the original from 2003.