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Maurice Roucel’s creative style is one of contrasts– sweet with bitter, warm with fresh – such as the vanilla/rose in Tocade, or the lavender/coffee in New Haarlem, both of which I’ve written about in earlier posts, and both of which are incredibly rich and aromatic fragrances.
In Rochas Man, he’s re-interpreted the coffee note in New Haarlem, extending it with chocolate and vanilla, balancing it with florals, and creamy sandalwood and amber, with the result that it’s warmer, softer and more reserved.
The top is great – bright and slightly sharp with the bergamot and lavender – and I can smell the fresh coffee right away. There’s also a hint of sweet licorice which disappears as the heart notes develop.
The florals develop sweetly and keep the scent from becoming too foody, then the base notes expand and the coffee changes to soft creamy mocha, perfectly balanced by dry earthy orris, woody sandalwood and the slightly animalic amber.
And there’s the key to Rochas Man – it’s perfectly balanced. The potency of its gourmand notes stops short of overbearing, its sweetness is just sweet enough, its sillage is mouth-watering but reserved, making this elegant fragrance extremely adaptable and wearable - a great fragrance for both men and women.
Notes ; lavender, green leaves and bergamot, artemisia, jasmine, lily of the valley, milk, orris, coffee, amber, and sandalwood.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Maurice Roucel

Price: $5.00