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Romanza was launched in 2015 by Italian niche fragrance line Masque Milano Fragranze founded by Allesandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi in Milan in 2013. The concept behind the line is that each fragrance represents a different act and scene in an imaginary opera, called Opera of Life, as conceived by Brun and Tedeschi.
Romanza is Act III Scene Two of the opera.

Well, it is Milan after all, home to La Scala, one of the leading opera houses in the world, but you don’t need to love opera to love Romanza.

It opens with a shot of sweet, fresh, fleshy orange blossom joined by the bracing herbal, bitter smell of absinth. Angelica extends the sweet/herbal aspect while adding a dimension of muskiness. And then, the heart just bursts opens to the smell of sweet, heady narcissus, bolstered by indolic jasmine, which together create a dramatic, narcotic blend like no other I have ever smelled. It’s potent and powerful and pulls me deeper and deeper into it, swirling around my brain, igniting the pleasure points. Romanza smells like yielding feels.

Narcissus has a green aspect that violet leaves extend with their metallic, green facets, slowing down the fall, so the pleasure lasts longer until the base of vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli make it drier and darker. Amber adds a sweet warmth while civet makes it animalic and myrrh, well, myrrh, gives it that dark, resinous, bitterness I love. It mingles with some of the lingering sweetness from the heart and the amber to create a bitter sweetness at the end that gives me pause every time I catch a gorgeous whiff of it.

If it were an act and a scene in an opera, Romanza would be a scene-stealer, as a fragrance it’s heart-stealer with no regard for gender…or maybe I just yielded my heart to it. Doesn’t matter which.  I’m not in the mood to argue. I’m in the mood to yield to love.

Notes: orange blossom, absinth, angelica, violet leaf, narcissus, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, amber, civet, myrrh.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Cristiano Canali

Price: $9.00