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Yesterday I bought Rose Absolue from Yves Rocher, forking over a modest amount of money for a pretty terrific perfume.  Fragrances have always been part of the Yves Rocher product line, but I’ve been underwhelmed by most of them – until now.
Part of the more upscale Spirits d’Essences range introduced over the past couple of years, Rose Absolue is exactly what the name says – rose.
The opening notes have a just a hint of cinnamon and lemon, which I find a really unique and unexpected combo, but which quickly unveils the rose - spicy, blossomy and green as only a rose can smell. It’s light and fresh, like walking through a rose bower, and as the scent dries down after 15 minutes, the freshness warms up and thickens a little from the vanillic tonka and cedar mix, which amps up the spiciness and adds a nice woody note. In the dry-down, a subdued patchouli keeps the sweetness in check and makes an earthy bed for the rose petals to settle on.
Rose Absolue is a true, clear rose, it’s an elegant, casual and modern take on a perfume standard that should be in every perfumistas wardrobe. Created by Christine Nagel,exceedingly well-blended and made from quality materials, it avoids the sugary, fruity “gag me with a spoon” sweetness of most contemporary florals.
If you’ve resisted rose scents because you think they’re old-fashioned, or too sweet, too heavy or just “too much” for you, try Rose Absolue. 
Notes: cinnamon, apple, Turkish, Bulgarian and Morrocan rose, cedar, patchouli and tonka bean
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Christine Nagel 


Price: $4.00

The nose

According to Fragrantica, the nose on Rose Absolue is Christine Nagel, who also did Si Lolita, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her, Encre Noir pour Elle and many more high-end perfumes too. Shows that great parfumeurs can create lovely perfumes even on a budget!

Re: The nose

Thanks for the last piece of the puzzle!
I wore Rose Absolue on Friday and no less than 3 people either asked what I was wearing or said they loved it!
It truly is a "find'!