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Rose Barbare

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Rose Barbare was launched in 2005 at the event celebrating the opening of Guerlain's newly renovated 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysées boutique along with two other fragrances: Cuir Beluga and Angélique Noire.  

Rose Barbare opens with nose-tingling aldehydes, sparkling and bright, and they usher in a note of Bulgarian rose. The rose is opulent and fresh, and I smell its facets of honey, warm spices, lemon and green leaves. I get a whiff of raspberry too. The heart of the fragrance takes us deeper with lush, plush, jammy Turkish rose flanked with fenugreek, spicy and maple-syrup tinged. At the base, a note of peach echoes the raspberry at the top, and I can smell honey here too. Patchouli is dark and sweet, its woodiness is extended by more woody notes, giving Rose Barbare a little sexiness. And while the base is dark, it has a luminosity that allows the roses to shine through.
Rose Barbare is a perfume wonder, going from sparkling light to sheer darkness, with elegance and refinement. Every note in Rose Barbare is perfectly placed and in perfect balance so that it's not too sweet, too warm or too green – it's just a perfect year-round rose scent.

Notes: aldehydes, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, fenugreek, peach, honey, patchouli, woody notes.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Francis Kurkdjian


Price: $8.00