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Sådanne is apparently Josh Lobb's first serious attempt at a floral, a rose scent that even he could wear. I’m hard-pressed to describe Sådanne as a rose, or a floral. I find it difficult to describe it rationally at all, which is why I want you to smell it, but I’ll try. Josh hasn’t provided a note list for this 2014 release, so here goes…
Sådanne is luscious ripe fruits…strawberry, cherry, raspberry, …which come out of the bottle in a shimmery wave of dense sweetness, so shiny and sweet and red that this berry accord feels surreal. But before I can say “Snow White”, a sour bitter note floats up, changing syrupy-sweet to fruity-boozy, fuzzy, fermenting, and yeasty, and I know that Sådanne has an interesting story to tell. This might be a rose, but this rose has been around a pole or two.
The heart of Sådanne becomes this sweet fruitiness of over-ripe berries simmered in dark winey liqueur, moving into a floral as I detect red thorny roses, leafy and wilting, layered with golden tobacco leaves. It’s an earthy floral heart as the sweetness subsides, but it doesn’t prepare me for the base.
Sådanne slides right into the base, and transforms into an animalic pleasure palace, absolutely funky and gorgeous. There has to be musk, or civet, or ambergris, or all three notes, to get to this level of raunchiness. Whatever the combo, mixed with the sweet drunken berries and earthy rose, as well as hints of leather and resins, the effect of these animalic notes is magnetic, and it lasts for hours. Sweet, earthy and erotic.

Price: $7.00