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"Scents of Christmas Warmth" Gift Pack


Here's a Gift Pack, perfect for Christmas in the sun, with 3 fragrances easily worn by women and men - even at the same time!

Scents of Christmas Warmth

Ensoleille Moi - Gas Bijoux
Ensoleille Moi is the smell of the beach. It opens with bergamot and tiaré (a/k/a Tahitian gardenia) clear and transparent, but as the bergamot fades, the tiaré remains and is joined at the heart by a note of coconut. Together, these two notes create that familiar scent of sunscreen that everyone wears on French beaches.

Eau de Sud - Annick Goutal
The first spritz releases a blast of intense lemon citrus, slightly bitter with bergamot and spicy with black pepper! The scent is dry, but rich and thick, then is softened by musk and wood notes. Eau de Sud is grown-up, earthy and sensuous. It’s also a true unisex fragrance.

Sicily - Made in Italy
Sicily opens with white florals - freesia and jasmine. Then hay and cedarwood add note of dry warmth. At the base, patchouli, agarwood and myrrh appear to give it a slightly dry earthiness.This hard to find fragrance really evokes the scent of southern Italy.

Price: $9.00